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Floridians Should Review Liability Coverage Before Hosting Pool Parties


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- The hot Florida summers seem to continue well past the official boundaries of summer and into the fall. For many, this warm weather is why they live in and love Florida. But before hosting a fall pool party, homeowners should make sure their policy provides substantial liability coverage in case of unfortunate accidents.

Many Floridians look to their backyard pools to get relief from long, hot months that begin in the late spring and go well into early fall. While newer community developers offers pools as a developer upgrade, owners of older homes often install pools after they have built some equity or saved a little money.

The addition of a pool can add substantial value to a property, but Floridainsurance.com cautions that pools often bring some liability risks. In a statement, the insurance agency said, “According to Florida's Injury Prevention Program, the Sunshine State leads the nation in unintentional drownings of children ages one through four. This is tragic. Adults need to keep a close eye on children, especially small children, when they are swimming in the backyard pool.”

Homeowners are responsible for pool safety whether they are home or not. A screen, fence, or other barrier is advised to keep unwanted swimmers out. Also, homeowners adding pools to existing homes must inform their FL home insurance companies.

Floridainsurance.com continued by saying, “If you are hiding your pool from your insurance company and someone is injured or drowns in your backyard, your insurance company may not protect you. The addition of a pool may increase your insurance premium, but the threat of losing everything you have worked for is too high not to have coverage. After adding the pool to your home, you insurance agent can shop around to find a company that may be able to give you a better rate.”

If the pool is already part of the insurance policy, homeowners are strongly advised to check their liability limits. In the tragic event that a small child drowns, the homeowner could face insurmountable punitive damages if the parents of the child sue. Having high liability coverage is a small investment considering the risk.

Aside from adequate financial protection, homeowners should keep safety equipment in clear view around the pool. Having safety polls, life vest, and flotation devices can help prevent drownings. If the homeowner has small children, they should complete swimming classes. Also, the entire family should know CPR.

With safety in mind and a solid home insurance policy in place, Florida pool owners can relax and enjoy those extra months of warm weather.

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