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Flowers in Envelopes Growing to Be an Instagram Sensation: Pitshanger Ltd Comments


Swanscombe, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- Recent reports have drawn considerable attention to a new media trend involving envelopes. The hashtag #envelopes has been trending on social media especially, following the endeavors of Anna Remarchuk – an amateur photographer who uploaded her images of flowers inside envelopes online. The symbolic nature of the hits and the appeal they held over multiple audiences, in turn led to the pictures being shared multiple times and becoming a consequent trend. The public reaction in this way emphasizes that even the simplest stationery – the humble envelope – can still have a big impact.

Furthermore, the reports draw attention to the complementary nature of manual mail and technological connections. Although many assume that communication is more effective over the internet, the envelope trend highlights that the hard method of post still has a strong personal sentiment and value attached. After all, this is true of many office environments – where there is a balance in the use of online files, and hard, often signed documents. Furthermore, the envelope trend highlighted the capacity of envelopes to show and send something special. This is anticipated to result in increased interest in the method of personal post.

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Pitshanger Ltd is a prime example of an envelope provider with an extensive variety catering for a contemporary audience. Possessing many years of experience, they are frequent commentators on industry news and had this to say:

"It is great to see envelopes trending," A spokesperson said "After all, they deserve to be celebrated as a method of sending both important and beautiful things. It is admirable too that an art has been made out of them in this way. At Pitshanger, we also try to bring an element of art to our envelopes, so they can always be on trend! We offer an extensive range of color and size options, so an envelope can be an opportunity to express mood and communicate itself effectively. This personalization is important in business as well as our private lives and we hope to see more enjoying the potential of envelopes in the future too."

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