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Cherry Hill, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2017 -- Skyvuze, a drone liability insurance provider, is proud to announce that now when customers visit their website, they will be able to stay up to date with all of the latest drone news happening all over the world. Recent articles include news of Olaeris being awarded a patent for UAV docking & charging and the US Air Force buying more MANPADS Kits.

Skyvuze believes that the customers they insure should also be kept up to date with the current news happening in the drone industry.

"We want our customers to be caught up at all times with what's happening in the drone industry, especially for how much has been changing from a month-to-month standpoint. A lot is going on, and we hope that providing our customers with the current news will help make them become more involved in the community as well," said Drew Hoffmann, founder of Skyvuze Technologies.

Aside from providing customers with the most current drone news, Skyvuze also provides customers with the most up-to-date drone business news, drone technology news and drone photos and videos.

"Sometimes even I get blown away with the videos or photos I see come across our site. The things people are able to create with just a simple drone is truly remarkable sometimes," said Hoffmann.

Skyvuze Technologies offers drone liability coverage for both personal and commercial use.

To shop for commercial or personal drone liability insurance or to learn more about flying safely with drone insurance, contact Skyvuze Technology at 888-706-8561.

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Skyvuze Technologies is a New Jersey-based UAV insurance agency, currently licensed to do transactions in 45 states. The firm also provides all lines of personal and commercial insurance products, they even offer CPS accidental crash warranties. Skyvuze Technologies specializes in protecting businesses that invest in unmanned aerial vehicles by providing complete insurance and technology solutions.

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