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"Fly Navy" Mural Is Now Unvelied

Another tribute to the Douglas Aircraft Company


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- A newly completed mural painting called “Fly Navy” is now unveiled at the Museum of Flying. The mural was created by aviation artist, author, and historian, Mike Machat. The image depicts the only US Naval cruise on the USS Forrestal that carried all Douglas aircraft in 1958. On the deck of the Forrestal you will see the famous Douglas A4D “Skyhawk”, the Douglas A3D “Skywarrior”, the largest, heaviest carrier based aircraft ever built, the F4D “Skyray” along with a trio of the famous Douglas “Skyraiders”

The mural commission was funded through a grant from the Employee Community Fund of Boeing California. This is the second mural funded by the ECF to help to preserve the history of the Douglas Aircraft Company that called the Santa Monica Airport home for more than 4 decades. The mural is dedicated in memory of R.G. Smith who was the official artist and configuration engineer for the Douglas Aircraft Company who worked there for 52 years. Such mural makes the museum a perfect place for corporate meetings.

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