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Flyer Sportfishing Sees Increase in Catch Response to Live Baiting


Haleiwa, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2017 -- Flyer Sportfishing, committed to making sport fishing in Hawaii a fun, safe and affordable adventure for any guest, has reported that now is a particularly good time of year for live baiting. After a few years of rocky waters, the Oahu area is now seeing the gorgeous still water that attracts entire schools of fish.

Captain Jared Dow of Flyer Sportfishing has reported that the waters are looking the most promising as they have in two years.

"We are steadily catching nice to large size yellowfin tuna on the FAD buoys," Dow stated. "Blue marlin are still here too. Lots of rubbishes in our current lines holding Mahi Mahis. In fact, we caught 40 pieces the other day off an old cargo net. Nice water prevails this week."

For inexperienced anglers, fishing on still waters can be especially beneficial to build up skill and confidence before venturing into rougher or more competitive areas. Fish tend to gather together in larger schools when the water is still, which means that there will be more available for the catching. Fishers of all skill level can enjoy the clear and calm waters that are now sweeping the coast of Oahu, and the schools of Mahi Mahi and Blue Marlin that come along with them!

Now is a perfect time for people looking for a unique adventure to take advantage of the clear and beautiful waters off the coast of Hawaii with a fishing charter in Oahu. Anglers of any skill level who have been dreaming of taking their favorite sport to the next level are encouraged to contact Flyer Sportfishing by calling 808-365-2520 for more information or to make reservations. They can also be found online by visiting any time of year.

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