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Flying Connected, the Nations Most Trusted iPad Rental Provider Launching GlitzPad Service

Nations most trusted iPad Rental provider set to unveil new GlitzPad service at Biz Bash’s Elevate Conference at Conrad Hotel in NYC.


Manhattan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2014 -- Strategically located in the heart of NYC’s financial district, Flying Connected iPad Rentals is providing local and nationwide iPads for rent to some of America’s most prestigious and nationally recognized companies and brands. The iPad Rental service enables companies to rent iPads for conferences, dinners, meetings and any other important event, eliminating the cost of printing, creating an interactive experience for attendees, while also saving companies thousands as they veer from the large, upfront and out of pocket expense that would occur if purchasing iPads was the only available option.

Today, the CEO of Flying Connected, Zalmy Raskin, has announced that on Thursday July 31st they will be unveiling the launch of an exclusive new service, called “GlitzPad” in front of a limited audience of NYC’s most elite event planners and organizers at the BizBash Elevate Conference being hosted at the Conrad Hotel in Manhattan, NY. This new service which was debut earlier this month in front of 300 government event planners in Washington, DC aims to bundle the iPad Rental into a comprehensive and robust service that can be used at events of all types in unique and intuitive ways that will quickly mark the “old paper ways” a thing of the ancient past.

Co-Founder & CFO, Schneur Landa, expects this new service to reach a broader range of clients in the event industry, and is very excited to see how local planners react when they learn how elegant and convenient iPad Rentals can be when used at Events. “The mistake people often make is the immediate assumption that iPad Rentals at events will result in a rise in their event production costs” said Schneur Landa. “We want people to understand that’s truly not the case and that’s why we feel it’s important to sponsor events and educate people on how they can enhance their events and save money while doing so.”

The new service will also have specialized pricing to support events of any size, and through a strategic collaboration they now also offer on-site tech support for events occurring out of NYC or the Tri-State area. By Mid-2015 Flying Connected, Inc. anticipates a distribution facility in the Midwest region as well as on the West Coast to service their customers in the best way possible.

Yosef Goodman, a tech whiz from New Jersey, has assumed the position of Business Strategy & Development, as Flying Connected enjoys its 3rd year of business which has steadily increased year to year by upwards of approximately 300%. Yosef has been turn-key in revolutionizing online schooling for young children living in remote areas around the world, and predicts that the education arena is the next big platform to capitalize on in a targeted and service-based way. “One thing at a time”, he says. “When we take on a new service - and we plan to launch more targeted services for other major industries – we take a lot of pride in being focused, so the service can be engineered and branded in the best way possible, to reach as many people as possible.”

More information about GlitzPad is expected to be released online at and at following the event.

About Flying Connected, Inc.
Flying Connected, Inc. launched in 2011 and is privately owned by Zalmy Raskin & Schneur Landa. It has enjoyed over 3 years as an independent company, and is recognized as the nation’s leading iPad Rental Company which services clients throughout the Unites States and Canada. Flying Connected is also a member of a broader network of international iPad Rental providers, empowering them to service their US-based clients for events and purposes occurring even outside of the United States.

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