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Flynn Systems' New JTAG Controller Broadens Boundary Scan Coverage Capabilities


Nashua, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2017 -- Flynn Systems has developed a new boundary scan JTAG Controller that now gives users the ability to incorporate expanded test coverage to include the Intel® Core™ i7 microarchitecture, using onTAP® Boundary Scan test software.

Hank Flynn, President of Flynn Systems, stated, "The new low-voltage/low impedance TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller provides dual ports, each up to 30MHz, that adjust to target board voltages and includes an internal voltage source. Controller pins may be used for JTAG or GPIO. And, multiple chain applications are easily handled with additional TAP CONNECT JTAG Controllers."

The new onTAP JTAG Controller is used with Flynn Systems' onTAP® Boundary Scan Software. onTAP software supports the unique low voltage devices, along with TDI and TDO pins that can be connected together across multiple chains in boundary scan configurations found in Intel Core™ i7 processor applications.

The 1.05V TAP voltages, 50 Ohm pull-up and pull-down resistors and common TDI and TDO pin connections for multiple chains, all found in Intel's i7 and Atom applications, are supported in the new Controller.

Along with Core™ i7 configurations, onTAP and the TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller provide many additional boundary scan test benefits including:

- Automatic, netlist-based, test generation
- Test coverage and precision diagnostics for IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.6 AC specifications
- Precision diagnostics for infrastructure and interconnect faults
- Cluster test coverage for non-JTAG parts such as DDR memory and I2C bus devices
- Flash programming
- In-system programming
- Support for multiple TAPs and JTAG chains
- ProScan test vector visualizer and analyzer tool
- BSDL syntax and semantics check

Driven by customer feedback, the development of the new TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller is part of Flynn Systems' commitment to deliver the latest product updates. The Boundary Scan JTAG Controller is available by contacting Flynn Systems via email at or visiting

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