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FMD Featured in Indiana University Study to Predict Popular Models for NYFW

Academics crunched the numbers from FMD's database of 400 fashion models to predict which models will take the fashion world by storm.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2015 -- The Fashion One Group, today announced the inclusion of the FMD's database in a study by Indiana University scientists (media reported, a.m.o. Yahoo Style, Daily Mail, NY Mag) that forecasts top models at New York Fashion Week.

Under the lead of Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia and Emilio Ferrara, researchers at University of Indiana gathered statistics on 400 fashion models from the FMD (The Fashion Model Directory), tracking hair and eye color; height; hip, waist, dress and shoes size; modeling agency; and runways walked.

They then inspected their Instagrams, gathering the number of followers, posts per month, likes and comments on each post, and whether comments were generally of a positive or negative nature.

Based on the numbers, those on the project narrowed the 400 down to 15 up-and-comers. Of the eight predicted to breakout, six actually did: Sofia Tesmenitskaya, Arina Levchenko, Renata Scheffer, Sasha Antonowskaia, Melanie Culley, and Phillipa Hemphrey.

In response to the announcement, FMD's Editor-in-Chief Iva Mirbach said, "We are delighted to have the FMD database of fashion models used as baseline for the data in this novel study and as the obviously most complete and reliable instrument that solidifies the richness of perspectives and ideas. We congratulate the team of scientists at the Indiana University on their work and look forward to provide them new sets of intelligently and scientifically quantified data, such as the top agencies list from the MARS, as well as working with them in their further research endeavors in the fashion industry. As the most comprehensive and authoritative source of professional fashion information it has been the mission of FMD to accentuate the best of talent from the fashion industry."

Like the Indiana University, the FMD has also played a significant role in the IFDAQ since 2008, whose mission is to provide a scientifically flawless and market-shaped quotation of the current and next top "new faces" as well as an AI driven international and national rankings of models featured on FMD to provide market leaders an accurate benchmark for their plans and strategies. More information about the IFDAQ is available here.

Further details about the study can be found here: official press release

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The Fashion Model Directory (FMD) is the most comprehensive and authoritative source of professional fashion information since 1998, operating the most comprehensive and authoritative database of fashion professional with an innovative portfolio of partnering projects such as the IFDAQ. Having offices in New York, Vienna, London and Bratislava and an international team of fashion experts, the FMD has been a useful instrument for the entire fashion industry and continues to be.

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Founded in 1820, Indiana University Bloomington is the flagship campus of IU's eight campuses statewide. Innovation, creativity, and academic freedom are hallmarks of our world-class contributions in research and the arts.

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