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Foam Factory, Inc. Now Offers Custom Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses can be built to virtually any dimensions or thickness


Clinton Township, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Foam Factory, Inc., one of the leading retailers of foam products, is proud to offer customizable foam mattresses, with delivery right to your doorstep! With the ability to tailor a mattress to nearly any size and shape, coupled with the numerous foam types available, Foam Factory has customization options few have ever seen in bedding. Made-to-order sizes, along with foam’s pressure-relieving and body-contouring benefits, make custom mattresses a no-brainer for a restful, comfortable sleep.

Not only are length and width customizable in a Foam Factory mattress, thicknesses up to 8 inches are available in single-sheet foam, while the layering of multiple sheets makes even thicker sizes easily attainable. That layering method also has the additional benefit of creating customized comfort, as two types of materials in one mattress will create a hybrid feel that can’t be found in a single sheet of foam. This gives customers the ability to tailor a mattress perfectly to their needs, whether they want it to include the support of Lux Foam, the comfort of Super Soft Foam, the body-contouring of memory foam, or the resilience of all-natural Talalay latex foam. No matter what kind of mattress a customer is after, they can rely on Foam Factory’s high-quality products to give them a refreshing and rejuvenating rest.

To complement a new custom foam mattress, bedding accessories and covers are also available, including pillows, body wedges, and mattress covers in terry cloth or gray and white striped ticking fabric, individually sized to the custom mattress order. Custom covers are sewn in-house at Foam Factory, eliminating any worry over finding a way to protect a brand-new, custom bed.

Instead of getting yet another cookie-cutter traditional mattress, let Foam Factory make a custom foam mattress, tailored to your comfort and support needs. In other words, get a mattress that’s unique. To design a foam mattress, visit

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