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Foam vs Coil Crib Mattress: How to Make the Right Choice According to


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Parents have to make lots of decisions when it comes to bringing up their babies, and some of the most important of these have to do with buying the right products. For instance, they need to get the right crib mattress for their baby. identifies the following tips for making the right decision when choosing between foam vs coil crib mattress .

The first thing parents have to ask themselves when debating whether to go with foam or coil is "How long do we intend to use it"? In general, a coil mattress is built to last longer than one that is made out of foam. That is because a coil mattress contains steel innersprings and border rods that help it keep its shape over months and even years. Good coil mattresses even come with ten or fifteen year warranties. A higher-end model can come with a lifetime warranty too. If parents plan on having more children and using the same mattress, then a coil mattress is a good idea. Meanwhile, if they are buying for only one child or plan to get a new mattress if they have another baby in the future, then foam will do nicely.

Another factor that parents have to consider is convenience. Coil mattresses can be a bit heavy and cumbersome thanks to all the steel parts inside them. A coil mattress can weigh around 20 lbs, while many foam mattresses weigh only about 8 lbs. If parents foresee a need to change sheets one-handed, then foam is the better choice.

Of course, there is also the question of price. Parents might like to go online and do a bit of research regarding crib mattress prices. In general, coil mattresses cost more than the plain foam, but price also depends upon the quality. A top-of-the-line foam mattress may cost the same as a middle-range coil mattress, and some of the more inexpensive coil models those that do not have any special features can cost less than $100.

To find the right crib mattress, parents have to find the right balance with regard to durability, convenience, and price as well.

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