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Foam vs Spring Crib Mattress: Weighs In


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Parents are faced with a lot of choices, especially when it comes to basic childcare. From choosing between traditional and organic material to foam vs spring crib mattress , buying a product as apparently simple as a baby's bedding can be a lot trickier than it looks. weighs in on the foam vs spring crib mattress debate by shedding light on the advantages and disadvantages on each side

Foam Mattresses

Parents who go for a foam mattress can rest assured that they are making the budget-friendly choice. A lower price is probably the biggest selling point of foam, since it is possible to buy one for well under $100. For $150, a top-of-the line model with great features like an organic cotton layer or cover can already be obtained. Foam mattresses are also quite light, at only seven to eight pounds. This makes them more convenient at sheet-changing time, as well as for use in portable cribs.

The drawbacks to a foam mattress meanwhile mainly have to do with their durability. A foam mattress can lose its shape after some time, especially if parents purchase one of the cheaper models. Some foam mattresses may also contain phthalates or VOC's if they are made of conventional polyurethane foam.

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are generally considered more of an investment than foam mattresses. A good spring mattress will have a high coil count and springs made with heavy-gauge wire as well as border rods to give adequate support. Spring mattresses usually come with ten or more years' warranty since they are more durable and long-lasting than foam. They are ideal for large families, or for a first crib mattress purchase.

Spring mattresses can be a bit heavier than foam, however. Typically, they weigh above twenty pounds because of the steel inside them. Thus, they can be harder to transport or lift when it is time to change the crib sheets.

Both foam and spring mattresses are reasonable choices for anyone who wants to give their child a good crib mattress. The choice each parent makes should depend on the unique needs of his or her family. For instance, if they are a small family who loves to travel or who lives in a cramped urban apartment, then a lightweight foam mattress that costs less and can be replaced when the next baby comes ¨C if it does ¨C can be the more practical option.

In the meantime, for families that expect their mattresses to go through a lot of wear, a spring mattress might be best. Care should be taken to see that any crib mattress purchased whether made with springs or foam should fit the crib well and contain no harmful chemicals.

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