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Focus Capital Partners Asset Management Introduces Two International Tax-Managed Equity Funds

Reflects Focus Capital Partners’ Continuing Focus on Serving Investor Retirement Needs


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- Focus Capital Partners Asset Management Division announces the introduction of two new funds: the Focus Capital Partners International Equity Dividend and Premium Fund and the Focus Capital Partners Structured International Tax-Managed Equity Fund. Both Funds seek to provide attractive international tax-advantaged investing. The goal of the Focus Capital Partners International Equity Dividend and Premium Fund, designed for retirees who may or may not outlive their assets, is to create an after-tax cash flow through returns that enjoy favorable tax treatment. Alternatively, the Focus Capital Partners Structured International Tax-Managed Equity Fund, which targets individuals who are unlikely to outlive their assets and who plan to pass their estate along to family or charities, seeks to generate returns through price appreciation, which is not subject to current taxation. Both Funds are designed for investors looking for tax efficiencies in their taxable portfolios.

To seek to achieve their goal of tax efficiency, both Funds use similar strategies, including:

Limiting portfolio turnover that may result in short-term capital gains
Selling securities with a higher tax basis before those with a lower tax basis
Realizing short-term losses to offset short-term and long-term capital gains

“Focus Capital Partners’ creation of these two international equity funds specifically designed for retirement planning reflect our recognition of the much longer life spans that Asians are enjoying and our firm conviction that their investment needs must be met with the greater growth potential that stocks offer compared to bonds,” said Don Bong, Managing Director and Product Manager for Tax-Efficient Strategies at Focus Capital Partners. “The tax efficiency features built into these Funds leaves investors with the potential for greater possibilities of principal growth.”

About Focus Capital Partners
From its inception as premium portfolio manager, Focus Capital Partners has grown to manage over 40 different strategies in global equities and emerging markets for clients across the globe. Focus Capital Partners specializes in active global and international investment strategies, employing sophisticated analytical models for active investment selection. Our investment philosophy has remained centered around one core goal – empowering the investor by providing the most valuable investment returns achievable. We invest right alongside our investors and our fee structure is highly incentive oriented. What is good for our investors is good for us.

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