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Focus Telecommunications Business Answering Service Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Market leader Focus Telecommunications explains a set of common-sense tips and rules for selecting the correct business to meet enterprise telephony needs.


Eldersburg, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- A market leading business answering service company, Focus Telecommunications, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year by offering a free listing of tips for choosing the correct answering service.

To choose the right answering service you need to first focus on that company’s staff, argues Focus Telecommunications. Specifically the company argues evaluating staff longevity represents a powerful means of determining not only the quality of the service’s workforce, but also the quality of the company itself. According to Focus Telecommunications high quality companies treat both their staff and their clients with respect, and as such staff longevity can help indicate how an individual client’s experiences will proceed with that company. In regard to this metric Focus Telecommunications points out that nearly half of their staff has worked for them for over a decade.

Next, Focus Telecommunications explains the importance of choosing a telephone answering service with a high referral rate. A high referral rate is the best way to evaluate a company’s reputation within their market and among their existing and past clients. While advertising can be effective, Focus Telecommunications argues that most clients will ultimately experience greater success if they find a business answering service company through a referral, or if they choose a company with a measurable high referral rate (Focus Telecommunications currently receive 75% of its new clients from referrals).

Finally, according to Focus Telecommunications points to industry awards and client approval ratings as an effective way to evaluate a company’s quality. Focus Telecommunications explains that even though industry awards do not always denote top quality, client ratings are difficult to fake. When looking for a telephone answering service potential clients should look at awards, but they should give more weight to making sure they only work with companies with positive client survey rates over 90%.

With a 99% client approval rating and multiple industry awards, it’s clear Focus Telecommunications understands what it takes to properly evaluate a telephone answering service.

Focus Telecommunications, a USA based telecommunications company established in 1987, provides a full suite of services including business answering service , medical answering service and government answering service.

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