Joe Bragg Undergoes Huge Redesign to Further Optimize User Focused IRA Resources

Focus On The User has undergone a complete makeover using the latest research to optimize its interface and make information more accessible and actionable than ever before.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- The paper dollar has a consistent history of inflation, which devalues it over time. By comparison, precious metals such as gold and silver have only ever increased in value over time, thanks to their rarity and unique properties. As a result, those looking to save for the future are better investing in precious metals than saving in paper dollars. Focus on The User explains the benefits of precious metal IRA’s and has undergone an extensive redesign to make their resources more readily available to users.

The redesign has split the resources into three distinct categories: a blog for news and current affairs affecting the market value of precious metals, together with editorial advice on investment strategies, a Shop which helps people find precious metals providers in order to invest wisely in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other metals, and a Gold IRA section ( which specializes in retirement accounts. The section includes IRA rules to help people invest the right way, a comprehensive resource on trusted companies and insights in to successful investing strategies.

The site has also introduced a brand new price checking system, which ensures that users are always getting the best value from the best provider by comparing precious metal rates. The website even has a separate sections for bullion and coins so that investors of all scales can find what they’re looking for.

A spokesperson for Focus On The User explained, “We are proud of the redesign because it has used the latest technical expertise and research to provide a more user friendly way to interact with the information we have taken pains to assemble and regularly update. The site offers the best resources in the field of precious metal investment and now it offers the best way to use those resources too, without having to go to another source to action the advice we give. The site will continue to be regularly updated with new news, features, research and options because our users remain our constant focus.”

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