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FoilGrafix Is Introducing Its Stamping Foils Selection


Saint-Laurent, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- FoilGrafix, a  Canadian stamping foils company , is introducing its stamping foils selection.FoilGrafix offers many types of plastic foils to its customers. According to company officials, gloss pigment foils have high opacity gloss foil developed for styrenics, polyolefins and rubber die tipping onto rigid PVC credit cards for graphics applications.

Flat matte foils, on the other hand, are developed to be used on multiple substrates. The benefit of these foils is that they are suitable for high speed, low temperature applications and have fine line definition.

Regarding custom pigment foils, they are custom made according to customer specified performance requirements. They are made to meet the most demanding applications.

FoilGrafix also offer metallic foils for graphic substrates, plastics, leather and fabrics and metallic foils for rotary and cylinder presses as well.

Furthermore, the company offers specialty foils used for security and holographic applications. These foils are commonly used for financial security purposes.

Anyone interested in FoilGrafix’s stamping foils can contact the company at the coordinates below.

About FoilGrafix
FoilGrafix has been working in the stamping foils sector and providing its customers with value-added service for over 30 years. The company offers a wide range of premium quality hot stamp foils that can be used on a variety of substrates such as plastics and on graphic materials such as poster boards, coated paper book covers, etc.

In order to offer their customers the best service and best stamping foils possible, FoilGrafix does foil conversion, custom cutting and slitting to ensure the right size and the right quantity of hot stamp products. The company’s pigment and metallic foils can also be slit and baloney cut in widths and lengths to accommodate all of its clients’ applications.

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