Follow Trailblazing Brand Young World Clothing Through Kickstarter Campaign

Youth, spontaneity, creativity, growth--all of these characteristics are what this new brand (Young World) embodies. Young World Clothing is a trailblazing street-wear brand based out of South Carolina. Support the movement and help them meet their goal as they look to emerge among the elite street-wear brands in the fashion industry.


Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Young World Clothing seeks crowdfunding to raise capital to manufacture merchandise for the full Summer 2014 collection. Funds will also be used to purchase equipment for multimedia.

They have access to all of the resources that they need, but just lack one vital piece to make everything come together....Money! The crowdfunding perks offered are designed to give potential Kickstarter backers true value for every dollar they contribute. As is the case with all Kickstarter projects, the "Clothing Summer 2014 Collection" is an all or nothing venture; if the crowdfunding goal is not met then this innovative line of summer clothes will not see the light of day.

The fashion-conscious of the young generation movement could feel a sense of pride to contribute to a new sense of style in summer fashion as Young World follows through in realizing their vision by making every crowdfunding dollar count..

This Kickstarter campaign supports Young World's motto: "The World is Our$." You will be a part of their movement by helping them create the full Summer 2014 collection.

This project will only be funded if at least $1,600 is pledged by Fri, May 2 2014 12:26 AM +05:30.

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