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Following Car Accidents, Brainwashing & Jail Time for a Bank Robbery That Wasn't His Fault; Young Author Shares Uplifting Story of 'The System'

Up until the age of twelve, David Ash had no real life story to tell. However, two car accidents and abduction by his crazed Aunt led Ash into a state of delusion; coming to a head when he robbed a bank during what appeared to be the scene from a movie. This faultless act thrust Ash into the many layers of the U.S. criminal justice system and spawned a tireless quest to clear his name. With his record finally wiped, his mother reunited and new lessons on life, Ash is taking his story public for the first time. While it reads like a screenplay, ‘The System’ is frighteningly real.


Niagara Falls, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- David Ash was once America’s archetypal upper middle-class and privileged young boy who dreamed of being a writer. However, while most authors spend decades agonizing over that perfect narrative, Ash’s newly-published book wrote itself over many dark years. Having faced unimaginable misfortune that took Ash from abduction to car accidents and eventually into jail, his long road to redemption has surfaced a truly inspirational story.

That story is now published in ‘The System’, which ultimately examines why bad things happen and who can be held responsible. Thankfully, Ash’s life came full circle – and his book offers solace to those still suffering in silence.


My journey begins on April 18, 2007. It spans to September 25, 2010. The three years could be described as driving down a normal street in Anywhere, USA. However, it's Halloween every night. It all began when I was injured in two traumatic car accidents which occurred weeks apart. Following the accidents, my thinking is at times normal, at times erratic. During this period, my aunt, who was a force throughout my early childhood on and off, re-enters my life after I see her in a local grocery store. This aunt of mine is directly opposed to my mother who only did good for me. My aunt, having since childhood brainwashed me into her way of thinking which involved a religion that she took way too far, tells me to leave my parents and go on my own. Once again pulling me away from my mother and leading me down another bad path, I spin completely out of control, losing everything. As my life becomes worse and worse, so does my mental state due to the trauma of the accidents. After various delusions and a medical mishap, my delusions spill over into what I can only describe as the Twilight Zone. Soon I am led from that dark place to what I refer as The System, referring to the legal system. Waking up thinking I'm in a movie about a bank robbery, I wake up in the morning and proceed to go to my local bank. Not needing money as I had fifty-five thousand dollars in a nearby financial institution, I believe upon arrival that all the people in the bank are actors and I must play my part in the movie as a bank robber. What results from this terrible and unfortunate situation is serious jail time, time in an institution for the criminally insane, as well as a civil hospital. The stories of people in these places and the sights that I see there, as well as the process through these many legs of The System that I, my parents, and my legal team must navigate to free myself, are truly extraordinary. It's a modern day One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, only to an extreme, yet with a more positive ending, as I'm cleared of all the charges. I end up with no record at all as a matter of fact. In the words of the judge in my case, when the charges are dropped, "in this case, justice was served."

“I transitioned from a boy who dreamed of being writer to the victim of abuse; which then led me to find myself again and become that writer. In the end, I’ve come full circle,” admits Ash. “Along the way I uncovered answers to many of life’s toughest questions and I’m honored to be able to share them with readers. It took me many near-death experiences to discover them, but now others can benefit simply by reading my book in the safety of their home.”

He continues, “I spent hundreds of hours beating myself up wondering if my plight was God’s fault or my fault, and wondering how I was ever going to crawl out of the mess. I ultimately did find the answers and now live a fulfilling life where I remain close to my mother. She has also published her side of the story in her book – ‘Invisible Restraints’.”

Aside from his answers to life’s big-picture questions, Ash also provides specific guidance for those caught up in the Criminal Justice System.

“My book includes a manual for those in prison and also one for those navigating the wider tumultuous justice system in the United States. My story and guides are also of particular benefit to parents who are on the receiving end of their own child’s incarceration. Prison knocks on far beyond the convicted; and my story will be vital therapy for those who feel like they’re struggling alone,” he adds.

‘The System’, published by BookBaby, is available now: http://amzn.to/1qsCbxu.

To read ‘Invisible Restraints’, visit: http://amzn.to/TnBGZu.

About the Author:
The author lives in Niagara Falls, NY.