Fonplus Highlights Lower Mobile Phone Tariffs with Free Call Apps


Kilverstone, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Fonplus, one of the most helpful blogs for UK residents and business, has just highlighted a new way for UK residents to lower their mobile phone tariffs. The Free Call App is now available for UK residents, and this enables people to make both local and international calls without any extra charges.

All that is needed is for both parties to have the Free Call App installed on their mobile devices, and they can talk to each other on their mobiles for as long as they want without any worries of incurring extra costs.

The service is not limited to just phone calls. Sending text message, pictures, and even video messages for free are all possible as well. All manners of mobile phones can be used for the Free Call Apps, and it can be installed on a desktop PC as well.

There is no signup required for the Free Call Apps, and there is no password or email verification required. The quality of the calls is excellent, and the app also enables automatic connections on a user’s contact list.

Highlighting the Free Call Apps is just part of the services offered by Fonplus, which continuously offers various articles on how UK residents and business owners can lower their UK broadband, gas and electricity bills.

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