FonZap Introduces Revolutionary "Recovering Shield," a Self-Healing Mobile Device Screen Protector That Heals from Scratches Before the User's Eyes

FonZap screen shields’ innovative recovering shield technology utilizes recovery polymers to heal dents and scuffs that form on the surface of the screen protector on a mobile phone or tablet.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2013 -- FonZap, a Southern California mobile device protection product developer is now offering Recovering Shield screen protectors which actively reduce scrapes, indentations, etc. back into a smooth, clear surface. The FonZap Recovering Shield is available for iPhone, iPad, major brands of tablets and laptops. We are proud to offer the FonZap Recovering Shield in addition to our existing product line of Antibacterial screen protectors. Between the two product lines, we feel we meet the needs of every consumer.

FonZap's breakthrough Recovering Shield technology protects mobile device users’ valuable investment, while keeping the appearance like new for the entire life of the product. The nearly impermeable screen can withstand minor impacts and self-heals, reverting back to a clear screen. The Recovering Shield uses Active Recovery Coating technology with recovery polymers to heal dimples and abrasions that form on the screen protector’s surface. Unlike competitor screen protectors, in which every indent or scratch is a permanent one, the FonZap Recovering Shield constantly refreshes and reforms to provide each user with the best product experience possible

“Recovering Shield is perfect for any active mobile device user. Even the most careful person can accidentally slide their phone into the same pocket of their jeans containing their car keys. With FonZap’s Recovering Shield, touch-screen smart phone users don’t have to be concerned about a minor scrape obscuring their screen or screen protector. The screen reverts back to its original clear, blemish-free state,” says FonZap Business Development Manager, Wallace Tennelle.

“We've put these screen protectors to the test: we scrubbed them with wire brushes and slid them across pavement...the screen heals before our eyes, and the phone is completely protected. It's state-of-the-art device protection, and costs less than other plain screen protectors,” says Niki Bossonis, FonZap’s Director of Marketing.

The FonZap Recovering Shield can protect your screen from marks as a result of coming into contact with car keys, hardware, rough surfaces, etc. The advanced screen protector can even help protect against cracks in the screen. A mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or Galaxy S III protected with the FonZap Recovering Shield will retain it’s clear screen despite the occasional nick. FonZap is expanding the Recovering and Antibacterial Shield product lines to cover many other items including computer monitor screens, car touch screen panels, ATM touch screens, airport kiosks, airplane entertainment screens, etc. FonZap is the go-to source for affordable high-quality protection for mobile devices.

About FonZap
FonZap is dedicated to providing users with high quality, state-of-the-art mobile device accessories. In addition to our Recovering Shield, FonZap also offers screen protectors that are Antibacterial as well as completely Scratch, Fingerprint and Smudge-Resistant. We believe that simple device protection accessories can be as innovative as the devices they are protecting. Our number one goal is to produce premium device protection products offered at affordable prices. For more information visit