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Diet Doc Announces Diet Plans That Help Patients Overcome Eating Disorders and End Food Addictions

Diet Doc specializes in creating diet plans that focus on teaching patients how to overcome specific eating disorders, including food addictions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2015 -- Some may scoff at the idea that food addiction is a real disorder. Advanced science, however, has enabled experts to delve deeper into the reasons for America's obesity epidemic to discover that foods rich in sugar, salt and carbohydrates trigger the same pleasure center of the brain, releasing the same "feel good" chemicals as heroin and cocaine, validating the fact that food addiction is real.

Fortunately, Diet Doc has benefited from the decades of research and have combined this knowledge with the most modern medical understanding, enabling them to help more people overcome specific eating disorders, including emotional eating and food addiction. Their specialized diet plans are geared toward teaching patients how to end food addictions and overcome emotional eating disorders and how to become healthier and live a fuller, happier life without the burden of embarrassing and dangerous excess fat.

Realizing that a food addiction exists is step one for patients. The next step is calling Diet Doc or logging onto to complete a health questionnaire and schedule a personal, online consultation with one of the company's specially trained doctors. These doctors are not primary care physicians who treat weight loss as a sideline, but have been trained in the science of safe and fast weight loss and understand the effects that specific foods have on the body and mind. During the consult, the doctor will review the entire system to uncover the real reason for excess weight to gain a better understanding of each patient's personal struggle and to better address these issues.

Diet Doc uses their own algorithm to design diet plans that are personal and compatible with each patient's needs. Age, gender, health history, lifestyle and food preferences are all incorporated to create diet plans that target each patient's reason for weight gain or their inability to lose excess fat. While all clients are eligible for these master diet plans, many will receive prescriptions for powerful hormone treatments, fat burners, metabolism boosters and mood stabilizers that have been specially formulated to turn the body into a fat burning machine while easing the patient's weight loss journey by eliminating between meal hunger, food cravings and fatigue.

Diet Doc's prescription hormone treatments contain 100% naturally produced hormones that target mobilize stored fat and effectively flush it from the system while their Oxytocin calms stress and anxiety. Using these treatments in combination with healthy diet foods and personalized weight loss recipes allows patients to see fat melting from their body at an amazing pace, with the majority of Diet Doc patients reporting a loss of 20 pounds or more per month. Patient motivation is fueled by meal and snack plans that leave them satiated without side effects, as well as the almost immediate fat loss results.

The experts at Diet Doc gently and smoothly guide their patients toward improved health by teaching them how to break poor eating behaviors, how to begin choosing healthier foods, how to overcome the challenges of eliminating carbohydrates and how to end food addictions and other eating disorders. In fact, patients attribute much of their success to the close, personal contact, support and guidance of the company's staff of dedicated and compassionate weight loss professionals.

Learn how to lose weight safely and rapidly and end food addictions by calling today to schedule a personal consultation.

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