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Rebecca McKee, of the 13th Child Autism & Behavioral Coaching, Inc., Starts KickStarter Campaign to Fund the Creation of a Cookbook for Cooks with Special Needs - 'Ready to Go Recipes for Cooks with Autism Spectrum Disorder'

LogoBook Design is needed for a Cookbook for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is written in task analysis format for ease and independence. All recipes are gluten free & dairy free.

New Market Report: Biotron Limited - Product Pipeline Review - 2014

LogoGlobal Market Direct's pharmaceuticals report, "Biotron Limited - Product Pipeline Review - 2014" provides data on the Biotron Limited's research and development focus. The report includes information on current developmental pipeline, complete with latest updates, and features on discontinued and dormant projects.

Report Published: "Nutraceutical Ingredients Marke - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2018"

LogoNutraceutical Ingredients Market by Type (Probiotics, Proteins, Plant Extracts, Minerals, Vitamins, Fibers, Carotenoids & Others) by Application (Functional Foods & Beverages, Supplements, Animal Nutrition, Personal Care)-Global Trends & Forecasts to 2018

TraceGains Was Ahead of the Curve Addressing Food Safety Audit HACCP Issues

LogoIn conjunction with some food safety audit survey findings, TraceGains looked at how fortelling those results were in the food industry. Last year, TraceGains welcomed food safety expert, Debby Newslow, President, D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. to discuss how food manufacturers can create an ‘Approved Supplier Program’ as a prerequisite for a successful HACCP program.

Caveman Paleo Recipes Launches a Recipe Book for the World's Best Diet on a Budget

The paleo diet promotes a more natural diet informed by anthropological research on the diet of hunter-gatherer man, before famine made farming mainstream and the grain became the chief source of food. The Paleo diet eliminates processed grains and unnatural foods and returns to the foodstuffs enjoyed by hunter-gatherers in early societies- this has been evidenced to promote muscle growth, burn fat and encourage a more robust immune system. However, converting to a paleo diet has remained difficult and expensive for many. Caveman Paleo Recipes is a new book that eliminates these disadvantages once and for all.

Recently Released Market Study: Nigeria Carbonates Category Profile 2013

LogoSynopsis A competitively priced comprehensive overview of the Carbonates market.

VidaPak Looks to Raise $95,000 via Kickstarter to Start the Production of VidaPak Single Serve Hot and Cold Beverage Maker

LogoV-Paks transform beverage ingredients into a cold refreshing drink in seconds. The idea was to take a single serve capsule coffee machine and transform it into a refrigeration and heating unit that can serve either cold or hot beverages on demand.  If a cold drink is selected, a patent pending technology allows the beverage ingredients to quickly dissolve cleanly and completely inside of the revolutionary V-Pak and deliver an ice cold single serve drink…..fruit drinks, energy drinks, iced tea, lemonade, protein, etc.

Ana Rosa Randolph Receives DeLand Chamber Achievement Award

LogoCapping an amazing year, Ana Rosa-Randolph, CEO and President of Abraham Rosa Seasonings, has been awarded the Business 2013 Recognition of Achievement by the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tips for Producing Homemade Wine Is the Focus of New Website, a website that offers people helpful and in-depth tips for producing homemade wine that is delicious and budget friendly, has just announced the launch of its new and easy-to-navigate site. The website features helpful and informative articles as well as recipes that are ideal for the DIY wine maker.

Ecuadorian Rainforest Unveils Nutraceutical Supplier Android App

The world of South American ingredients will now come conveniently to an Android-powered smartphone near One with Ecuadorian Rainforest’s new Mobile App , now available on the Google Play Store.

200 Billion Dollar Kosher Food Business and HACCP Discussed on January 7th

Today Kosher certified products are one of the fastest growing segments of the food industry, with annual sales exceeding $200 billion in North America. This hard-won public confidence has inspired a prominent Rabbi in Vancouver, Canada, to launch an innovative Kosher food certification program named 'Kosher Check.' This new Kosher standard will incorporate, for the first time in history, enhanced food-safety protocol as a principal requirement. According to Rabbi Feigelstock, Kosher Check has been designed specifically to inform consumers that the products it certifies not only meet strict Kosher standards, but also, that the manufacturers of such foods have warranted that their operational activities conform to enhanced food-safety protocols. Rabbi Feigelstock, Director of Kashrus & Operations at Kosher Check and Steven Burton, creator of the Icicle Food Safety Platform will co-present a webinar titled, “Trust Kosher Backed by the Science of Food Safety: Kosher Check and Powered by Icicle.” The presentation will be Tuesday, January 7 at 1:00 PM EST. Link to Register: Space is limited so early registration is encouraged. Participants will learn how Kosher and HACCP food safety come together with Kosher Check and Icicle. Kosher foods are embraced by a diverse community world-wide. Studies have shown part of that broad appeal is due to the fact that a large segment of Jewish and non-Jewish consumers alike, buy Kosher certified foods based on their belief that they are manufactured to superior standards of food-safety. Among the food-safety programs considered benchmarks for Kosher Check are those regarded 'best-practice' by quality assurance authorities and food professionals, world-wide. They include the HACCP program (Hazard Awareness Critical Control Points) as well as GFSI (Global Food Standard Initiative), FSSC 22000 (Foundation for Food Safety Certification) and BRC (British Retail Council), among others. Kosher Check is powered by Icicle to manage all their Kosher products, ingredients, and processes. Using the same interfaces, they can opt-in to manage their HACCP-compliant food safety programs as well, saving time and effort when managing both types of certification. According to Steve Burton, developer of Icicle, “It is with great pleasure that Burton Software, makers of Icicle, entered into a strategic partnership which unites Icicle's technology with Kosher food safety under a single umbrella that's easy to manage. Similar strategic partnerships with Halal, gluten-free, and allergen-free, food manufacturers will be announced shortly.” Follow Burton Software on Twitter@icicleBsafe.

Swerve Sweetener Introduces Non-Glycemic Flavor

Swerve Sweetener is a new artificial sweetener that may have conquered the problems plaguing most other artificial sweeteners such as glycemic interference and digestive intolerance. Not only is Swerve Sweetener non-glycemic and causes no digestive upsets, but it is also all-natural, non-GMO and measures cup-for-cup just like sugar.

Ecuadorian Rainforest Unveils Ingredients Passport

Explore South America with Ecuadorian Rainforest’s Ingredients Passport at booth 27026 at SupplySide West 2013 on November 15-16 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Discover the South American ingredients making a huge impact in the natural ingredients market.

Bee Deaths Raise Questions About Pesticides

LogoBees are an integral part of the ecosystem and produce honey that is beloved by consumers all over the world. Unfortunately, a rash of deaths among bees in parts of U.S. is causing concern among researchers.

Tips for Identifying Quality Olive Oil

LogoOlive oil is an essential ingredient for many culinary dishes and comes in different grades including pure and extra virgin. The average consumer struggles to find quality olive oil given the multitude of refined products and tricks used by substandard manufacturers.

Paleo Recipe Book Review: The Truth Exposed

Paleo Recipe Book Review is developed to help customers to decide whether investing or not their money to get Paleo Recipe Book new revolutionary program on helping sufferers worldwide to lose weight. Customers who are looking to purchase this new system called Paleo Recipe Book are on this page because they are looking for more information and description that the product has. Paleo Recipe Book Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews.

Cooking with Wine Is Now Offering a Plethora of New Wine Dishes for Free

Cooking With Wine, a new and innovative blog, has just released a new set of recipes that culinary specialists can make with wine. By far, this latest release is good news for established culinary experts as well as aspiring chefs, as they can now expand their culinary expertise and knowledge with wines. On top of that, they get new dinner recipes as well as fantastic meal ideas. For interested parties of these new wine recipes, make sure to visit their official website at:

New Cookery Website Delivers the Answers to Unlocking the Fabulous Flavors of Herbs and Spices

Jason Pitcher, creator of the new website, is passionate about home cooking and doing it as organically and naturally as possible. For him that entails growing and cooking as much food as possible completely from scratch. According to Pitcher, one easy way to limit processed food in a diet is to make homemade spice mixes and herb blends rather than relying on store-bought brands. He launched the new site to show any home cook, beginner or experienced, how to create their own natural seasonings using herbs and spices to enhance any dish.

Cellulose Gum as Food Thickener & Stabilizer

Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) or Cellulose Gum is most commonly used as a thickener in various food and beverage items. This ingredient is also known as a stabilizer wherein it modifies the performance of water, the flow as well as the texture of the food. In alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages, concentrates and powdered beverage mixes, CMC adds a clean and pleasant feel to the mouth. It proves to be a wonderful stabilizer in dairy beverages with low pH levels. It can also control the meltdowns in ice creams by protecting it from heat shocks and also adds texture to the ice cream.

San Francisco Named Snobbiest City, Celebrates with Best New Summertime Cocktail

According to Travel + Leisure readers, San Francisco has made the number one spot as America's Snobbiest City. To celebrate the new title, GRC Beverages LLC, headquartered in San Francisco, is sharing one of its best new cocktail recipes -- Xi Acai Mint Lemonade.

Cellulose Gum Improving Processing Quality of Dough

Cellulose Gum is one of the most common food additives. It is known as the flour product improver and improves the dough’s processing quality such as enhancing the viscoelasticity of noodles, improving the water absorbing quality in the dough which assists in speedy preparation of dough and so on. The other name of Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) is Cellulose Gum. This is most commonly used as a thickener, viscosity modifier and an emulsion stabilizer in products such as ice creams. It is also widely used in water based paints, diet pills, laxatives, toothpastes, paper products and so on.

Amazon FBA Recipe for Succes Review: Is It Legit

This Amazon FBA Recipe for Success Review is developed to help customers to decide whether investing or not their money to get Amazon FBA Recipe for Success new revolutionary guide. With Amazon FBA Recipe for Success people will learn how to save money and amaze their family and friends. This Amazon FBA Recipe for Success Review is a reply to customers most concern "Is Amazon FBA Recipe for Success a scam?". Specialists from Daily Gossip Magazine have investigated the item and made a responsible review relating to idea. The Amazon FBA Recipe for Success Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews.

Grape Growing and Wine Making - the Total Wine Making System Review

This Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System Review is developed to help customers to decide whether investing or not their money to get Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System new revolutionary guide for people who want to quickly and easily make the perfect wine. With Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System people will learn how to save money and amaze their family and friends. This Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System Review is a reply to customers most concern "Is Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System a scam?". Wine specialists from Daily Gossip Magazine have investigated the item and made a responsible review relating to idea. The Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews.

Spartan Health Foods Offers the Finest Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the Guarantee of Quality and Authenticity from ELEA

Spartan Health Foods offers the finest original extra virgin olive oil in Australia with the guarantee of quality and authenticity from ELEA. The extra virgin oil from ELEA exceeds all international specifications in quality and safety. The Olive oil they offer are GMO free, cholesterol free and does not contain harmful chemicals, colour additives, preservatives or heavy metals.

Delectable New Books Serve Up Secrets of Hearty Turkish Home Cooking

While millions around the world enjoy Turkish cuisine, few resources exist to teach laypeople how to prepare and enjoy truly authentic dishes. However, thanks to a new series of six cookbooks, anyone can now dish up a myriad of Turkish meals that taste as good as they do in the homelands.