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Food Catering Service: A Number of Options, but How to Choose the Best?

According to a survey conducted by National Purchase Diary, a market research company, online food ordering just overtook the telephonic food ordering. This has made a notable impact in the food industry, especially those businesses that are targeting the corporate lunch.


Pinecrest, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- There are many start-ups like Farm Hill whose main target is the office employees, because they noticed the growth and opportunity in the food catering service of a corporate sector. Not only Farm Hill, but there are many companies like Eat Club, CaterCow, ZeroCater and Chewse who are eyeing to take the advantage of the increasing demand of food catering service by raising millions to invest in their firm. There are many catering services like Eat Club and Farm Hill who are not only looking to make profits but also to serve nutritional food for corporate class employees. Food trucks, food courts, restaurants, food stalls and packed lunchbox from home are the resources that an individual uses in the lunch hours so that s/he can deal with the hunger and work with a healthy mind and body. A close look in the meal can reveal that not every meal is as healthy as a homemade lunch.

Food catering service is not limited to the retail/individual orders. There is also a wide scope in corporate event and corporate meeting, where the catering service would prove to be of great help. People are turning creative in this aspect, because everybody is bored of the tedious routine of corporate lunch. They experience the same ambiance of indoor lighting and air conditioning with wall paintings and quiet environment where even a sneeze will turn the face of every person under the ceiling. This is the reason; an individual is seeking something new and healthy for corporate lunch from food catering service. A normal catering service can only deliver what a person has already experienced in his previous corporate parties and events. People are searching for a change and seeking help from food courts and food stalls. There are some food courts that are able to deliver food to their customer, but there is no guarantee that the food will be warm and delicious. Apart from the food being cold, the nutritional value of the food would be as low as a packaged food. The corporate personnel has to depend on those low-nutritional foods to keep their busy days going. This is where food catering service brings the quality and warm food to serve an individual with delightful cuisines by cooking with their exceptional culinary skills. Food trucks are making their way to the top by serving hot and nutritional foods with many healthy snacks and refreshing beverages. They pick a spot near a corporate building where they can park their vehicle and just wait for the lunch hours of the corporate personnel. There is a craze of food trucks going around the corporate world where working class people rush to the exit when the lunch hours begin so that they can have a bite of delicious grilled chicken, cheese dripping sandwiches and steaming sea foods.

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