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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Bad Bacteria in the Body Announces Wayne Perrault


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2013 -- The human body is one of the most complex organisms on the planet. Simple tasks like eating involve the use of hundreds of muscles and billions of bacterial organisms. Some of the bacteria in the body are good, while other bacteria are very dangerous and lead to long-term health problems.

Fortunately, more and more people are using hydrogen peroxide in order to destroy these bad bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide is a unique compound that oxygenates the body in order to create a positive environment where good bacteria can thrive while bad bacteria can die off.

The result, as industry analyst Wayne Perrault recently announced, is a long-term solution to serious health problems:

“By killing bad bacteria in the body, hydrogen peroxide helps to prevent serious diseases, viruses, and other problems. It’s a body cleanse from the inside out. Due to polluted environments, many people are getting far less oxygen than they need every day. Bad bacteria thrive in low oxygen environments, which cause the body to clog with toxins from head to toe. Hydrogen peroxide reverses this problem by re-oxygenating the body and removing bad bacteria.”

Hydrogen peroxide is easy to use. Many people choose to use hydrogen peroxide as a replacement for chlorine in a pool or hot tub, for example. Others use it as a mouthwash or acne cure. Some also choose to gargle a weak hydrogen peroxide solution in order to kill cold and flu germs.

As Wayne Perrault explains, some people also find uses for hydrogen peroxide around the house:

“Hydrogen peroxide can be used on the body, or it can play a number of important roles around the house. Many people use it to remove stains – particularly blood stains, while others use it as a sanitizer or disinfectant in the kitchen. It can also be used to water plants and treat mold.”

Today, more and more people are buying hydrogen peroxide over the internet. Hydrogen peroxide requires specialized HAZMAT shipping, which means only a select few retailers are able to legally sell hydrogen peroxide online. Hydrogen peroxide quality also varies in terms of purity levels.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide can be purchased at along with organic dimethyl sulfoxide cream – better known as organic DSMO cream.

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