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Foot Injury Clinic Announces New Laser and Orthotic Technology


Bondi Junction, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Trevor Proskewitz and Russel Rubin, lead podiatrists at the Foot Injury Clinic , announced that they’re treating nail fungus with the new Pinpointe™ FootLaser™ and creating custom orthotic devices with the Orthema CAD/CAM technology.

“The Pinpointe™ FootLaser™ is the first clinically proven laser device for the treatment of patients with nail fungus,” said Proskewitz. “The treatment is pain free and takes about 30 minutes to complete.”

The Pinpointe™ FootLaser™ has no harmful side effects and patients need no drugs or anesthesia. The breakthrough technology vaporizes foot fungus, reaching far down into the nail bed where fungus grows and thrives. Healthy tissue surrounding the site is unaffected.

The Pinpointe™ FootLaser™ emits specific light waves that only affect fungal cells. Patients typically begin seeing results in three to four months, depending upon the severity of the infection. Clients who have received the laser treatment can polish their nails, enjoy pedicures and return to their normal activities immediately.

Chronic nail fungus can be embarrassing and extremely painful. It can be contagious and lead to serious disease or amputation. Many patients live with foot fungus without knowing it. Anyone can contract a fungus infection and its growth is enhanced by wet, sweaty feet. Foot trauma, ill-fitting shoes, and those with immune deficiencies and chronic diseases are at additional risk.

Foot problems can manifest in pain that appears in other parts of the body. Many of those conditions can be alleviated or eliminated with the use of Orthema CAD/CAM orthotic technology. The precision equipment provides the data to designs and manufactures custom orthotics to treat multiple conditions.

“We use a variety of different devices depending on individual needs and budget,” said Rubin. “Patients may need a custom molded or prefabricated device, while others can use over-the-counter inserts that can be modified. We treat patients of all ages and levels of activity.  Orthema CAD/CAM Orthotics allows us to offer a new level of treatment.”

Using the Orthema CAD/CAM , the practice’s podiatrists can prescribe comfortable and unobtrusive devices tailored to accommodate the individual to provide support and alignment. Over 500 sensors read and digitize the contour of the patient’s foot. The data displays the exact locations where the foot needs assistance. There’s no longer any need old-fashioned plaster casts.

Orthotics assist in the treatment of an extensive array of adult and children’s problems ranging from flat feet and high arches to feet that point inward or outward. They’re effective in alleviating the pain associated with arthritis and diabetes, and in the foot, knees, hips and back.

The addition of the Pinpointe™ FootLaser™ and Orthema CAD/CAM technology at the Foot Injury Clinic provides a new dimension and level of treatment for patients. The clinic is serious about feet and committed to providing clients with modern ways to help them live active, pain-free lives.

The practice maintains two locations in New South Wales for customer convenience. The first is located at 18/108 Ebley St. in Bondi Junction and can be reached by phone at 02 9386 5400. The second is at 7/219 Mona Vale Rd. in St. Ives and can be reached by calling 02 9440 4600. For more information, visit the Foot Injury Clinic online.

About Russell Rubin
Russell Rubin has extensive experience in nail surgery and its management. He’s regularly published in prestigious medical journals and online magazines. Rubin is a certified PinPointe™ FootLaser™ provider and trained on the Orthema digital technology. His competition in cycling, marathons, triathlons and ultra-distance races provides him with a unique perspective that he brings to the practice. He’s lectured at the University of Western Sydney and was a clinical supervisor there in the podiatry teaching clinic.

About Trevor Proskewitz
Trevor Proskewitz is certified as a PinPointe™ FootLaser™ provider and is trained in the use of the Orthema digital technology. He regularly presents programs on feet in relation to diabetes, aging and running. He served as chairman of the South African Podiatry Association and lectured final year podiatry patients for 11 years in South Africa. He served as a councillor to the Australian Podiatry Association. He specializes in pediatric foot care, and malformations and gait abnormalities in children. He has a special interest in sports biomechanics through his participation in cycling, marathons and involvement in the Run/Walk for Life program.

Trevor Proskewitz & Russel Rubin
Lead Podiatrists
Foot Injury Clinic
Phone: 02 9386 5400 or 02 9440 4600