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Foot Supports Guru Are Redefining Arches of the Human Foot


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2017 -- Most people think of their feet as having one long arch, the "medial arch" which is visible when looking down at the inside of the foot.  That arch may be high, medium or flattish (as when a person has flat feet or plantar fasciitis).

Some scientists see the human foot as having three arches – an inner long arch, an outer long arch, and a middle arch crossing the centre of the foot.*1

However, the professionals at Foot Supports International recognize four arches of the human foot - the Inner Longitudinal Arch , the Anterior Metatarsal Arch,  the Outer Longitudinal Arch - and the Transverse Arch. *2 The four arches meeting in the underside centre of the foot form what we think of as the "hollow" of the foot. The human foot is the only one in nature with this type of arch system.

It is in acknowledging this fourth arch that Foot Supports International has created the most effective Balancing Arch Support System in the world, The 4-Arch Foot Support System! A slight lift to that recognized fourth arch just in front of the heel bone – the Transverse Arch (#3 on the diagram below)- makes the extraordinary difference between Balance Foot Supports and other arch supports available in today's market.

The four arches of the human foot create what's termed a "Balance Box".

The lines of the four recognized arches can be seen to come together, forming somewhat of a curved square.

The extremely thin and sleek Balance Foot Supports are semi-flexible so that they move with the feet while keeping the entire body in balance with every movement - all on the basis of The 4-Arch Foot Support System.  Balance Foot Supports are designed as high, medium or low lifts to support the hollow of the foot while accommodating the high, medium or low arched foot – or as needed in various activities. Positioning the feet with Balance Supports lifts the entire body, providing better body posture, greater stability, and even more flexible joint function.

The "Balance Factor" is proven through Balance Testing (described below), contrasting a person's stability before wearing Balance Supports and then again while wearing Balance Supports beneath his feet.

The success of this approach to foot support and balance is borne out by testimonials from thousands of people worldwide now enjoying the benefits of The 4-Arch Foot Support System. Runners and other high-stress sports performers find that the semi-flexible Balance Foot Supports preserve the health of their feet by keeping the foot parts intact while promoting ease of movement.  Pregnant, over-weight, and other people, whose strenuous work or great weight is just too hard on their feet, confirm the same results. Those with weak back, legs and joints find that more proper foot alignment of Balance Foot Supports relieves aches and pains with more natural body movements.


Training and advanced thinking of Foot Supports International originated with orthotics created in Germany for soldiers in the 1940s and then brought to the US and Canada by George Alznner. The idea was marketed and finally made successful throughout the US, Canada and South Korea by the founders of Good Feet Worldwide in San Diego beginning in 1995. Those same founders, Joe Polifroni and Rosalinda Johnson, moved on to create a newer company, Foot Supports International of Auckland, New Zealand, and more advanced, slimmer, sleeker foot devices – The Balance WORKER, WALKER and RELAXER – all based on The 4-Arch Foot Support System.


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