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FootInjuryClinic the Only Clinic to Employ PinPointe FootLaser


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- The  FootInjuryClinic  is one of the most technologically advanced podiatry practices available and the only clinic in Sydney using the PinPointe™ FootLaser for the treatment of fungal infections of the feet. State-of-the-art equipment is combined with hands-on examinations to diagnose a wide range of foot problems and foot-related pain that can appear in the lower extremities, hips and lower back.

The PinPointe™ FootLaser is breakthrough technology that does away with nail removal and ineffective oral medications. It’s the most successful method available for the treatment of foot fungus. The in-office treatment is quick, pain-free and has no side effects. The laser penetrates the nail, seeking out nail fungus and eradicating it with no effect on healthy tissue.

Nail fungus can affect anyone, but it’s especially dangerous for those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes. A fungus infection discolors and damages the nail, providing an opening for a bacterial infection. Even a small infection can turn septic and patients of chronic conditions run the very real risk of amputation. The PinPointe™ FootLaser is specifically designed to address foot fungus and its associated problems.

The practice utilizes the highly sensitive Videotrak technology to map the foot, analyze the patient’s gait and diagnose a multitude of conditions. Pressure plates monitor and measures the way an individual places pressure on their feet. The data is then used to prescribe a treatment plan that can include different therapy techniques or orthotic devices.

Orthema CAD/CAM Orthotics is the wave of the future for soft orthotic devices that cradle, support and protect. They’re valuable in treating a variety of foot deformities, improving functionality and alleviating pain. Multiple options are available to accommodate individual needs and budgetary concerns. The devices are appropriate for children and adults.

Many adult problems can be treated and prevented in childhood. FootInjuryClinic treats children of all ages for conditions ranging from flat or high arches, splayed feet, and foot deformities. Foot conditions often create pain in other areas, including the knees, hips and lower back. Solutions are available to eliminate pain and correct problems before they interfere with function as an adult.

The professionals at the practice have the expertise and technology to diagnose foot problems in their early stages and provide a complete treatment plan. Nail surgery is available when needed. The clinic provides pain relief and improves functionality for clients suffering from work and sports injuries, deformities, and chronic diseases and conditions that cause pain and interfere with living an active life.

The FootInjuryClinic maintains an office in Bondi Junction that can be reached by phone at 02 9386 5400 and one in St. Ives that can be contacted at 02 9440 4600. For more information, visit the FootInjuryClinic online.

About The FootInjuryClinic
At the footinjuryclinic, our podiatrists have over 25 years experience between them in providing treatment to high risk patients, sport injuries and biomechanics, nail surgery and foot health eduction.

Phone: 9650 4149