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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 --, want people to be aware they can settle their tax issues for pennies on the dollar. Thousands of people each year hand over their hard earned cash to settle their tax, not knowing there is a cheaper and legal way of reducing their tax settlement and pay pennies on the dollar. The government does not want people who owe tax to know about this cost saving method, but it is available if a person has a professional dealing with their tax affairs. have become the taxpayer’s best friend by arranging people to pay pennies on the dollar as part of their tax settlement. For many years now men and women have been paying their tax bill in full, not knowing they could be saving money but now thanks to Americans are now fighting back and saving money.

With the economic problems and the cost of living increasing, men and women in America are finding it hard to survive. By paying pennies on the dollar for a tax settlement, it helps men and women put money that would have been going to the government to their family instead.

There are companies out there who claim they can settle tax issues for pennies on the dollar, however, most of these companies do not have the experience, and all their promises are not backed up with actions, leaving people upset. has a team of experts who do not make promises, but instead achieve results.

A spokesman for said: “By using our pennies on the dollar tax solution we can help people save a great deal of money. With our success, we continue to see clients recommend our service to their family and friends.” not only help people save money on their tax settlement, they offer a whole range of services, which include:

- Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
- Receivership
- Bankruptcy
- Turnaround Management
- IRS/State Tax Representation for tax liens
- Stop foreclosure-mortgage audits
- Stop Wage Garnishments/Levies/Collections
- Settlements and Payment at pennies on the dollar
- Consolidate or Settle Debts with one monthly payment!
- Debt Workout/Restructuring and Bankruptcy
- Audits and Late Returns

For real results to achieve pennies on the dollar tax settlement, please visit and see how much money can be saved.

About is a professional service that can help people sort out their tax settlement.

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