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For Sale by Owner: Powerful New Book Helps Readers Turn the Key on Buying & Selling Real Estate Without an Agent

Written by former real estate agent, Marianne Miller, ‘For Sale By Owner: Buying and Selling Your Home the Innovative Way’ exposes the secret benefits of buying and selling real estate independently. Walking readers through each step of the process, Miller is poised to help thousands save more, secure better investments and take full advantage of the new ‘for sale by owner’ climate.


Surrey, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- With the recent financial downturn leaving the North American property market somewhat stagnant, many are delaying their decision to buy or sell a home due to the high fees and hassle associated with real estate agents. However, a ground-breaking new book by Marianne Miller can help anyone navigate the real estate buying/selling process alone and with gusto.

‘For Sale By Owner: Buying and Selling Your Home the Innovative Way’ is proof that real estate agents are not necessary or, in most cases, even needed at all.


For Sale By Owner is becoming more popular in the Real Estate Industry. It may just be the next trend!

Do you sometimes wonder why the economy is the way it is? Why everything seems to be getting more expensive, and prices do not seem to be getting any better? The sad thing is that this leaves many people struggling, not just financially, but also with stress. And many of us know what stress can do to your health and how it can create a barrier for the many things that stops you from doing what you want to do. And that is why we call these times “The Economic Times,” the era of the “DIY – Do-It-Yourself”!

For many years, we have depended on many services. But that was when the economy was good and prices were affordable. But now, the costs of using the same services start to add up. That is why people are starting to watch their budget as prices go up. And how they do this, is by depending on themselves to get it done on their own. Many people have been selling their own vehicles, furniture, electronics, etc., for many years, so why not sell your own home on your own? With everything going up, why not make the most of what you have? Keep the equity that you have accumulated in your home. Just look at the commission you would be paying if you were to have someone else sell it for you, when you could pay that commission to yourself. Now a days, you have to look out for yourself…Remember, you are NO. 1!

Selling and buying your own home is not as complicated as real estate agents may lead you to believe. The secret to a successful sale is patience, effort and commitment on your part to make it happen. This book will help guide you on how to make that successful sale. And, this book will also help you be better prepared on what you should know and what to look for, when buying a house on your own. So, why not do it yourself by doing it the Innovative way – The “FSBO” Way.

As the author explains, she is urging all buyers and sellers to regain control over the real estate process.

“Buying and selling independently of an agent is certainly the way forward. You get to schedule your own viewings, retain full control over the price and show potential buyers all of the things about the property that your agent doesn’t have any insight into. Buyers will also pay less – as you’re in a position to negotiate a lower price due to the lack of an agent for the buyer to pay; this is a very powerful position to be in,” says Miller.

Continuing, “I am fully aware that this bucks the trend of the traditional real estate process. It may not make me the most popular person among agents – but this truly is the way forward. I cover all parts of the process from the buyer and seller’s perspectives. It’s a one-size-fits-all roadmap to successful independent real estate transactions. I can tell you one thing – both parties will end up with more money in their back pockets!”

With the book expected to be in high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘For Sale By Owner: Buying and Selling Your Home the Innovative Way’ is available now: http://amzn.to/15PdRxb.

About the Author
I was born in the Philippines and came to Canada in 1968. We immigrated to Milk River then moved to Coaldale, where I grew up and went to school. In 1979, we moved to Calgary, Alberta. I continued my education there and undertook a variety of jobs: I worked in the Sheriff’s Office, which was quite interesting, I worked as a secretary and, later, as a piping/electrical draftsperson for engineering firms.

In November 2002, I decided to move to Vancouver, British Columbia, with my children. I had been interested in real estate for some time and thought this would be a great opportunity to change careers and to take the real estate course through the University of British Columbia. After completing the course, I immediately started working for project developments specializing in selling new construction, such as condominiums and townhouses, from pre-construction stage to the last units sold. I did that for a little over three years until I decided to expand my knowledge and skills by getting into resale (selling pre-owned homes). In 2009, I completed my managing brokers course.

Because of all the moves I have made myself, I have a lot of empathy for others who must move for career or personal reasons. During my experience in resale, I noticed that most of the home owners had a common concern: How much commission would it cost them to sell their homes? Then it came to my realization that if people are so concerned about paying big commissions, then why do they not sell their homes themselves? In this economy, costs are not going down. This is a big concern for many home owners, and during this time of hardship, I therefore want to encourage people to keep as much as possible of their hard-earned money and accumulated home equity in their own pockets. This is what inspired me to write this book and to educate home owners.

Remember, you are your own real estate agent, you just do not know that!! You know your home more than anyone else. You know the special features and character of your home, you also know your surrounding area. Besides, where do real estate agents get their information to sell people’s homes? You, the homeowner. You are the major source of information. Other “For Sale By Owner’s” have sold their home successfully and so can you!!