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For the Holidays, Cyberdog Treats Is Offering a 20% off Coupon on Any Purchase


York, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2016 -- As the holidays quickly approach, many are scrambling to find gifts, including those for their dogs. It is often a hard choice, deciding between presents, being as there are so many different options available everywhere, and a dog cannot necessarily tell an owner what they want this year. At least not in a language they can understand. This usually ends up as a real problem for owners. Dogs can be excluded from the planning, not reasoned into the spending budget, or left to chance. Instead of getting caught up in present-buying turmoil this holiday season, Cyberdog Treats brings dog owners a perfect solution with their 20% off coupon!

Stop worrying about comparing prices and petstore hunting. This time around, Cyberdog Treats is bringing owners a deal that cannot be passed up. In order to save money this season, they are offering up a coupon to alleviate the stress of present budgeting. It it supposed to be an enjoyable time for all involved, and Cyberdog Treats wants to ensure that is the case.

Right now, Cyberdog Treats has for sale: beef bully sticks, beef jerky treats, beef ribs treats, beef tendon treats, beef trachea treats, chicken jerky treats, and turkey jerky treats. All of these products are 100% real meat, raised and processed in the United States, making them the best choice! It is always an endearing quality to know where the treats a dog is consuming come from. Cyberdog Treats is aware of this, further reassuring that all of their products contain no fillers or additives, and are slow roasted and naturally hardwood smoked.

Act now and use the coupon code: "CYBER20" to get 20% off a purchase!

To take advantage of this great deal, visit their website and add the coupon code at checkout or call them at: 800-667-1513.

About Cyberdog Treats
Cyberdog Treats is a veteran owned and operated online store that is based out of York, PA. They have been selling to wholesale distributors for over 25 years and are direct distributors and import wholesalers of bully sticks, jerky treats, rawhide, beef ribs, deer ribs, tendons, trachea treats, and many other products that dogs love. All of their current products are 100% real meat, additive and filler free, cooked for 24 hours, and raised and processed in the United States. A percentage of all sales goes to Wounded Warrior.

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