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For the Olympics Season, Massage Therapy Marketplace Discusses Sports Massage

Sports massage helps athletes prevent and recover from strain, injury, and fatigue


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Sports massage therapists are destined by the hundreds for the London 2012 Olympics. Out of a quarter million volunteer applicants, a medical team for the forthcoming Summer Olympics in July has been assembled to service athletes. The group should include sports masseurs and other sports medicine practitioners from around the world who know how to massage.

“Massage therapists have been associated with the Olympics just like the competitors themselves for years. Their work is definitely indispensable,” K. Chatman, founder of website Massage Therapy Marketplace, said.

In general, a massage serves to manipulate and rehabilitate joints and soft tissues, e.g. muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Sports massages in particular manipulate muscle tone and length; remodel scar tissue; and enhance lymphatic flow. Capable of stimulating nerve endings, a sports massage makes for a great way to prepare the nervous system for strenuous physical activity and alleviate fatigue and tension thereafter. Many athletes depend on sports massage to prevent and recover from injuries, strains, and sprains.

It can be performed at any point from training to post-competition. However, Mr. Chatman advised players intending to undergo an intensive session to wait ~48 hours before competing in a competitive session.

“Sports massages are designed to relieve tense, fatigued, or injured muscles and joints. They can help increase flexibility, prevent or minimize injury, and assist with recovery,” K.A. Chatman explained.

If anything, sports massage helps excrete pent-up lactic acid and metabolic wastes in muscles. It decelerates muscle soreness, thereby significantly bolstering athletes’ performance levels. Several athletes claim their injuries drastically decrease through a combination of massage and physical therapy.

“And since it eliminates metabolic waste, massage reconfigures your mindset toward the game. It palpably takes away the stress and anxiety that would otherwise undermine your performance,” said Mr. Chatman.

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