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For Top-Quality Membership Medicine, Local Residents Are Encouraged to Contact Signature Medicine


Newtown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2017 -- Signature Medicine, located in Newtown, PA, offers membership medicine as a means to help patients accomplish their health goals. Led by Dr. Ashish Sitapara, this medicine practice provides their patients with a tailored treatment strategy, which is designed based on their personal health needs and goals. For top-quality membership medicine in Richboro, PA, and the surrounding areas, local residents are encouraged to contact Signature Medicine.

Membership medicine, also known as concierge medicine, is preventative rather than reactive. Dr. Sitapara develops long-term relationships with his patients so that he can provide them with top-notch care throughout their lives. He prefers to prevent them from becoming ill in the first place rather than healing them after they do. If need be though, he will absolutely also help with the latter.

Concierge medicine offers many benefits to people who are seeking exceptional healthcare. Those who choose Signature Medicine will find that their membership is a smart and affordable investment. They'll be able to work in close collaboration with a personal primary care health coach, who will customize their health services so the patient can minimize health risks and enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle. Concierge medicine also offers easy access around the clock to keep the patient in control of their health.

People who are seeking a primary care provider in Newtown, PA, as well as other local areas, can turn to Dr. Sitapara and the staff at Signature Medicine. To learn more about the membership benefits of concierge medicine, contact their team of experts at 215-240-7374 or visit them at

About Signature Medicine
Signature Medicine is a concierge medicine practice led by Dr. Ashish Sitapara that takes a patient-focused approach to providing care while utilizing the latest innovations in the industry. Serving the Lower Bucks County region of PA, Dr. Sitapara and his highly qualified patient care team provides primary medicine 24/7 that is tailored to every individual's specific needs. Through around-the-clock communication, patients are cared for on a personalized level at their convenience.

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