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Forbes Announces 10 Health-Related New Year's Resolutions: Grow & Harvest Comments


Upton, Wirral -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2017 -- It is a well-known fact that New Year's resolutions often fall flat in early Jan - this is due to people making overwhelming and unattainable resolutions that are difficult to stick to. However, a new year presents all with a chance to change our lives for the better, even if approached in baby steps. This year, like many prior, it has become apparent that many are making health-related resolutions, and in line with this Forbes has recently released an article stating 10 health-related resolutions to consider – urging all to take the plunge, even if it is now slightly late. (It's better late than never.)

Some of the resolutions included in the ten suggested by Forbes were:

-Get more exercise – this doesn't mean that people must exercise excessively, simply slightly more than they did previously.

-Get more sleep – getting enough sleep can be crucial for maintaining awareness, preventing weight gain and much more, and people should find their own methods to enable them to go to sleep in relaxed way.

-Reduce calorie intake – reducing calorie intake can in many cases actually make people feel lots better, providing them with more energy. Be sure to reduce gradually however.

-Drink lots of water – keeping the body hydrated is vital to one's health and can ensure that both organs and the immune systems are kept in the best conditions.

A spokesperson from Grow & Harvest, leading providers of hydroponics equipment, was incredibly keen to comment on the tips provided saying, "These aren't the only ways in which we can improve our health in 2017 either – one sure method in which we could all benefit from is no doubt eating our recommended 5 vegetables and fruits per day, and what is better than hydroponically grown veggies? To start your year with a real bang, and make a change that is likely to stick, why not invest in hydroponics equipment to grow your own?"

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