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Forbes Names Austin in Top Cities to Start a Business


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Entrepreneurs serve a vital role in society driving innovation and creating jobs for thousands of people. Austin is welcoming to start-up companies, and property values in the area are affordable.

According to, Austin is among the most welcoming cities for start-ups given the community's cultural attractions and special events. Technology conventions, music festivals and other gatherings generate revenue for local companies. As global competition continues rise, Austin's low cost of living reduces overhead for businesses and expenses for employees.

A city with a thriving economy keeps home prices stable and makes life easier for residents. There are many parts of the U.S. that suffered massive price swings when the housing bubble burst in 2008. The Austin area withstood the price fluctuations. However, there are still risks in the marketplace for businesses wishing to establish operations. There is no reason to enter the market without the proper guidance.

Habitat Hunters is a full-service real estate firm specializing in commercial transactions in the Austin area. Those looking to purchase property to start a business benefit from the experience and insight of the firm's agents. It is hard enough to start a business without succumbing to real estate troubles or excessive delays. A full listing of the agency's services is available via this link:

For additional information on commercial properties in Austin, please call toll-free (800) 482-8651. Agents assist clients with all facets of real estate transactions and take pride in their work. Avoid market pitfalls by partnering with the professionals at Habitat Hunters.

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