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Belleville, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- Focus ST Shop has an array of performance upgrades available for the Ford Fiesta ST. The online shop caters to those who prefer doing their own maintenance and upgrade work, and they carry a full lineup of bolt-on and Ecoboost parts. Focus ST Shop regularly updates their inventory to ensure they always have the newest parts in stock.

The selection of available Ford Fiesta ST upgrades from Focus ST Shop ranges from cold air intakes to short throw shifters and cooling systems. The shop can accommodate those who are looking to boost their horsepower as well as those who are looking to make a few cosmetic adjustments.

Focus ST Shop also has a selection of Ford Fiesta ST exhaust systems and upgrades. They have a selection of Catback exhausts from companies like MRT, Magnaflow and Cobb Tuning for those who like to do their own work. Focus ST Shop also has turboback exhausts, downpipes and resonator delete pipes.

Focus ST shop carries preassembled packages for those who are looking to make several upgrades at once. The packages come in stages and vary in the number of items they contain. According to their website, Focus ST's Cobb Tuning Ford Fiesta ST Stage Three Power Package with V3 is "the ultimate, bolt-on, tuned out of the box upgrade path" for the Ford Fiesta ST.

Foucs ST Shop is an online retailer specializing in performance upgrades for Fords. They also carry parts for Ford's Focus, Mustang, Fusion and trucks. Those interested can see their selection of parts, including Fiesta ST performance parts, on their website.

About is a leading retailer of quality Ford Focus ST performance parts that are manufactured from aftermarket industrialists. The company operates to achieve their mission of offering fast shipping, quality performance parts, and excellent customer service. As new parts for the Focus ST models are released, adds them to their inventory for retail.

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