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Forecast on Plastic Transistors Market Global Industry Analysis and Trends Till 2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2018 -- The transistor is one of the main components of any electronic device. With the advancement of technology, the electronic devices are used in almost everywhere which led to the development of more efficient transistors known as plastic transistors. These plastic transistors are made up of organic polymers. A technique of Nano imprint lithography is used through which nanometer scale patterns are fabricated on plastic sheets. An organic polymer known as polythiophene is used as an ink in ink jet printers which prints the transistors onto the plastics. With this technique, manufacturers can easily replicate the patterns on a large roll of flexible plastic and produce devices in mass.

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Plastic Transistors are a part of the molecular electronic device which offers one of the greatest advantages of high computing speed due to its small compact size in which components are placed very closely. In the present scenario, an intensive research and development are been done on plastic transistors by researchers like Xerox technologist, Japan's National Institute of Materials Science and many others in order to determine its capabilities and benefits in fields like paper-thin computer screens, flexible displays, and backplanes.

Plastic Transistors: Drivers and Restraints

The factors driving the market of plastic transistors are its benefits offered over common bipolar transistors like low requirements of current, high-frequency capabilities and higher efficiency. Also, with the growing market of flexible displays, the applications of plastic transistors are increasing. These transistors are 1,000 times more efficient than other transistors made of organic materials and are very light weighted. Thus, the market of plastic transistors is increasing greatly.

Plastic transistors have one major challenge of controlling the distortion which restrains the growth of the market. Also, while placing the layers of plastics, each pattern must line up precisely otherwise the pixels won't be able to display properly. Also preventing from various damaging effects from moisture and air requires some coating and these coatings have limited availability in the market. Thus, these challenges hinder the growth rate of plastic transistors in the market.

Plastic Transistors: Segmentation

Segmentation based on application in Plastic Transistor Market:


Plastic Displays

Wearable Electronic

Bendable Sensors

Plastic Transistors: Competitive Landscape

The key players in the market of plastic transistors are Plastic Logic GmbH, Pragmatic Printing Ltd., Texas Instruments, Qorvo, Inc., NXP Semiconductors and Microchip Technology.

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Regional Overview

North America is expected to the largest market of Plastic Transistors. The majority of Plastic Transistor vendors such as Qorvo Inc., and Texas Instruments are based in North America region itself, and they are also investing in the field of Plastic Transistors in the local and global market. Several other companies like Plastic Logic GmbH and NXP Semiconductors are also expanding their offering in Europe region thus the Plastic Transistor market in this region is also elevating.