Securitization Audits Successfully Used as Evidence in Robo-Signing Violation Cases

Paladin Securitization Auditors has compiled a list of known robo-signers that have been the key point of evidence for successful foreclosure defense cases.


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- As the foreclosure crisis rages on, robo-signing continues to play a key role in foreclosure fraud cases.

Robo-signing refers to a variety of practices, all of which violate the foreclosure process and will be exposed on a securitization audit. Robo-signing is the mass signing of documents by someone whose name does not appear on the mortgage document they are signing or by someone who is not authorized to sign mortgage documents. Robo-signers are generally employees of a mortgage servicing company that sign foreclosure documents without reviewing them. Rather than take the additional time to review the specific details of each individual case, robo-signers presume the paperwork to be correct and sign it automatically.

During the housing boom, banks employed robo-signers to process hundreds of thousands of securitized loans. Some robo-signers were qualified mortgage executives that signed mortgage affidavit documents without reviewing the information, while others were temporary workers with virtually no understanding of the work they were doing. Robo-signing can also entail forgery of an executive’s signature or failing to comply with standard notary procedures.

Robo-signing is a violation of the Securities Exchange Commission’s regulations and can be used as evidence to fight foreclosure. If there is proof that a robo-signer signed off on a loan without reviewing the details of the case, he is guilty of committing fraud by claiming knowledge of a financial matter of which he had no personal knowledge.

Paladin Securitization Auditors has compiled a list of known robo-signers, many of which have been named in their securitization audits and been the key point of evidence for successful foreclosure defense cases. If you are facing foreclosure, seeking a loan modification, or think you may be a victim of foreclosure fraud, Paladin urges you to review the list of known robo-signers below and cross check them against your mortgage documents – specifically the assignments. If any of the following names appear on your mortgage documents, Paladin urges you to contact them immediately for a free consultation at (877) 848-8088 or visit their site at

Aimee Austin
Amie Davis
Amy Jo Cauthern-Munoz
Amy Payment
Amy Weis
Andrew Keardy
Angela L. Freckman
Andres Rojas
Ann Pinto
Anne Sutcliffe
Annmarie Morrison
Azin Rahmanpanah
Bernadette Polux
Bernice Thell
Beverly Clark
Bharati Lengade
Brian J. LaForest
Brock Martin
Cardless Dixon
Carolyn Mcleod
Cathy Hagstrom
Charmaine Marchesi
Christopher Bray
Chyrs Houston
Clifton Childs
Craig Hanlon
Craig Hinson
Dawn L. Reynolds
Denise A. Marvel
Donna McNaught
Dory or Dorey Goebel
Dulce Diaz
Eileen J. Gonzales
Elizabet Geretschlaeger
Emmanuel Tabot
Erika Reyes
Erika Spencer
Etsuko Kaybeya
Fanessa Fuller
Fedelis Fondunggallah
Felix Amenumey
Fifi Volgarkis
Frank Coon
Gloria Karau
Hang Luu
Hari Charagundla
Indgrid Pittman
Jacqueline Brown
Jamie Bilot
Jamil Kahin
Jan Zimmerman
Janeete Boatman
Janice M. Baker
Jason Dreher
Jason Emory
Jeff Rivas
Jennifer Duncan
Jeremy Cox
Jerrie Moton
Jerry Yang
Joel Martinson
John Cody
Joseph Alvarado
Joseph Lutz
Joseph P. Hillery
Judith Stone
Julie Coon
Katie Zrust
Katrina Bailey
Katrina Whitfield
Katrina Whitfiled-Bailey
Keith Chapman
Keith S. Reno
Kevin Fletcher
Keo Maney Kue Vang
Kim Kenny
Kim Kinney
Kim Mullins
Kim Waldroff
Kimberly Sanford
Kimley Godfrey
Kimbretta Duncan
Kyurstina Lawton
Larry Dingmann
Laura Hescott
Leticia Arias
Lindsay Lesch
Lisa Gerard
Marcia Medley
Margie Kwiatanowsk
Marisa G. Carrasco
Margery A Rotundo
Marisa Menza
Maya Stevenson
Mellisa Ziertman
Mellissa Mosloski
Melody Moore
Michael Ackerman
Michael H. Moreland
Michael Hanna
Michele Boiko
Michelle Flores
Michelle Halyard
Mutru Kumar
Natalie Anderson
Neil E. Dyson
Paige Sahr
Pam Anderson
Pam Kammerer
Pam January
Pat Kingston
Paul Bruha
Paul Hunt
Paul Mann-notary
Peggy Glass
Peter Read
R.P. Umali
Rashonda Turner
Rebecca Verdeja
Renae Stanton
Renee L. Hensley
Richard Delgado
Richard Olasande
Rick Wilken
Robert E. Kaltenbach
Robyn Colburn
Rodney Cadwell
Rona Ramos
Roy Stringfellow
Sakhada Lad
Salena Edwards

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