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Forest Hills, Queens Chiropractor Specializes in Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Early in her career Queens chiropractor, Dr. Christine Antoldi knew that she wanted to offer more than the traditional chiropractic treatments such as massage and physical therapy.


Forest Hills, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2012 -- Queens chiropractor, Christine Antoldi has something that just a few chiropractors have and that is the skill and the training to apply Manipulation Under Anesthesia. This is an advanced treatment that is only used in a hospital setting and only used when the conventional chiropractic treatments aren't effective.

Dr. Christine Antoldi , owner of the chiropractic website, has been helping her patients regain their quality of life in Forest Hills since 1995. Sometimes her greatest satisfaction comes from treating patients with M.U.A. This is always done in a hospital along with a medical doctor.

Dr Antoldi explains, “People are evaluated for Manipulation Under Anesthesia only after we try the usual therapies such as physical and chiropractic. And often people come to us after they have had steroid and epidural injections as well as back surgery that hasn't brought relief.”

“We use anesthesia, Dr Antoldi continues, because this allows the patient to totally relax during the treatment and we can stretch the soft tissue and not have the muscles involuntarily fighting the treatment. Then myself and the attending M.D. are able to break up the scar tissue around the joints, and stretch the muscles and tendons. The result is often a major decrease in the patient's pain.”

The question for most patients is, “will this therapy be right for me?”. Dr Antoldi addresses this concern, “ I have used this therapy successfully with patients who have had severe pain issues and they were not responding to other forms of therapy. This therapy has helped bulging discs, whiplash pain and even failed back surgery.”

“This therapy isn't for everyone, but if the traditional back treatments have failed you then I would be glad to take a look at your situation. I can be reached at Queens chiropractor

About Dr. Christine Antoldi
Her practice specializes in family care, personal injuries, workers’ compensation and athletic injuries. Dr. Antoldi is the founding member and President of the Queens Chapter of the President’s Council of Physical Fitness and Sports. She is an acknowledged lecturer on Chiropractic, Nutrition and Ergonomic Education to local organizations.

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