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Forest Lodges Ensure Comfortable Stay in Cuyabeno Reserve

Eco friendly resorts preserve biodiversity in wild life park


Quito, Ecuador -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- The Amazon Basin rainforests are the world’ s most exciting places with a rich biodiversity unequalled in its sheer variety of flora and fauna besides the incredibly majestic and ocean like water body that is the stately and untamable Amazon River. Worshipped by the ethnic Indian tribals, revered by tourists, travelers, and environmentalists and nature lovers, the mighty river surges, unmindful of the mud mounds that hamper its inexorable course. The water is mud brown on account of the ceaseless deforestation due to felling of trees for commerce making it look from the air like the Great Wall of China.

The Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve that sprawls over a vast expense of lush virgin rain forests is the home of one of the richest biodiversity now in existence in Ecuador. The verdant rain forest reserve with its wealth of rare flora and fauna has a green cover of more than 6, 00,000 hectares. The Reserve Park is unique in more respects than one. The park abounds with lakes and navigable creeks and canoeing down the beautiful Cuyabeno River is an exhilarating experience not only for its proximity to the great Andes but also because of the uniqueness of the river itself. Almost all the tributaries of the Amazon are so wide that it is impossible for a tourist trekking in the forest to see the other bank, inducing a feeling of not being inside a jungle. But the Cuyabeno River is narrow and as it meanders down the Amazon basin; both the banks are visible giving the distinct feel of being in the forest, among the trees. The Cuyabeno Reserve houses the richest biodiversity one can come across in a protected park.

There are about 580 registered species of birds including the exotically colored parakeets. Water bodies in the park are infested with dangerous crocodiles. Predators like jaguars, anacondas, boa constrictors, and pumas among other carnivores can be spotted easily.

Tourism is naturally a flourishing trade in the Reserve. There is strict control and supervision on tour operators and the many lodges that offer tourist facilities down the river and near the lagoons. Cuyabeno Lodge and Cuyabeno Ecuador provide both lodging and boarding facilities. Jamu Lodge is situated down the river near the Laguna Grande and is a comfortable place to stay with nine cabanas and a spacious dining room that is the hub of all activity.

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About Jamu Lodge
Jamu Lodge is situated by the Laguna Grande down the Cuyabeno River. The lodge offers comfortable stay in cabanas built in traditional ethnic style with mud walls and elevated walk ways. The management follows a policy of ecotourism with a view to preserving the biodiversity of the beautiful park for posterity.

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