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Forever 1776: Eye-Opening New Book, Launching on Patriot's Day, Urges Citizens to Uphold Constitution

Exposing how the Founders hated central banks, why almost every traffic stop and foreclosure is unconstitutional, and many other modern-day truths, Daniel Brigman’s new book showcases the facts about the United States and the Founders that its education and legal system fails to teach. The solutions to most of today’s problems can be found in our Revolutionary past.


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- While many have forgotten its significance, 1776 was a pivotal year in the history of the United States. Spawning the emergence of independence, ratifying the Constitution and establishing the God-given Rule of Law in the first official National Government, the year marks a vital turning point in forming a society that still exists today.

However, according to author Daniel Brigman, the reality behind everything the year achieved is often hidden from the public through poor education, deliberate cover-ups and the unchallenged changing of facts. In his new book, ‘Forever 1776’, Brigman exposes the truth to the nation in what could be the most important political book of its generation.

Showcasing the characters behind the Revolution and how they felt about the U.S. Government and the issues society still faces today, the book also gives an insightful background into the war for independence. In particular, it offers a nail-biting examination of the differences between the de-jure government of law and the de-facto government practice that is a violation of Law.

“Readers will discover how the banking industry is used as an instrument of control – something the Founders warned us about. They’ll also see how the Government uses lies to push unfavorable agendas, what the Oath of Office really means and how all public servants are given limited delegated authority to uphold the constitution,” says Brigman.

He continues, “I also examine the UN Charter, the Declaration of Independence and how they are almost polar opposites of each other. The atheistic rumors of our foundation are exploded through the Founder’s own words. The last chapter includes a ‘Declaration of Restoration of Law" to all our public servants, which is vital for the continuation of a Constitution-geared society.”

Seeking to expose the truth and help all Americans create an emotional connection to the foundation of their Nation, Brigman’s work is set to resonate with readers young and old.

With such pertinence to everyday life, Brigman himself feels it’s time the People of our country step up to its responsibility to teach all young people the frankly-honest truth.

“If the schools don’t properly teach it, if the police don’t know their role under the Law and if the politicians continually usurp their authority, how can we ever uphold the Constitution? It can only be upheld by an informed and committed populous. The Foundation of our country is under attack and we must be armed with the information to defend it,” he adds.

Critics praise Brigman for his diligent efforts to remember the Founders and spread their message to the nation. With the book expected to be in high demand, interested readers and organizations are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Forever 1776’ is due to launch on Patriot’s day in commemoration of the start of the War for American Independence.

The book will be available from the official website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

An official website, http://www.Forever1776.com is launching soon.

About the Author: Daniel Brigman
As a child of the 70s, who spent a lot of time with his grandparents, Daniel was often exposed to the ideals of previous generations. He always grew up around patriotic family who valued the foundation of this Country. This message resonated with him. After being born in New Jersey, Daniel’s family moved to the Atlanta area, where he grew up and was educated.

After attending Mercer University he moved to Utah. There he met his wife, Tristen. After marriage they settled down in Utah outside of Salt Lake City and began a family. Daniel became an entrepreneur involved in several projects including land development. His heart was always with his Country. The passing of his Grandfather, a veteran of World War II, and both Grandmothers had a distinct effect on Daniel. The lessons of his youth rose to the surface.

With his Uncle Kevin, Daniel began a political radio show to discuss the events of the day. As gun-control issues began to turn into national debate Daniel became motivated to do something more. The passion for the foundation of this Country has resulted in this new book. ‘Forever 1776’ is the culmination of years of study, reflection and frustration with the direction of our Nation and Daniel’s best attempt to turn the tide.