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Forever Comfy Combination Cushion Now Available

The Forever Comfy, a gel-filled combination cushion for back support, is now available for order from Shop As Seen On TV.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Shop As Seen On TV announces the recently released Forever Comfy cushion is now available for order. The Forever Comfy is a gel filled combination cushion with an outer washable faux-sheep skin surface. It is designed to provide support for the back and bottom to prevent aches and pains from occurring when sitting for a prolonged period. It is ideal for individuals who spend most or all of the day sitting down and experience back aches as a result.

Using the Forever Comfy can help reduce the discomfort caused by sitting on hard and poorly cushioned surfaces. The inside of this cushion features two layers of high density foam with a layer of therapeutic comfort gel in between. The combination of gel and foam offers a supple layer of support between you and your seat. When sitting on the Forever Comfy, it conforms to your shape and helps distribute weight evenly. This reduces pressure that is normally placed on the muscles and joints, eliminating back pain and aches caused by sitting.

The Forever Comfy Cushion is designed to work on a variety of different seats and chairs. It can be used at home on hard dining room chairs when eating or in living room chairs while watching television. It also can be used in office chairs and is great for working long hours on a computer. The Forever Comfy also fits in car seats and works well during long commutes and road trips. Another use is for patio furniture, bleachers, and other hard and uncomfortable seats. Since it is lightweight and portable, the Forever Comfy to be carried around when needed.

Offer Details: Order a Forever Comfy pillow for the $19.95 plus $9.95 processing and handling. As a bonus receive a second Forever Comfy free, just pay separate $9.95 processing and handling. Includes 30 day money-back guarantee (less processing & handling). Sales tax may apply. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

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