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Forex Investing Dissected: Revolutionary Guide Gives 'Anyone' a Step-by-Step Roadmap to Cashing in on Lucrative Forex Trading Market

Written by Dr. Khawar Aizaz, ‘Forex Investing Dissected: A Guide to Successful Trading’ bucks the trend of most Forex guides by replacing glossed-over theories with concrete day-to-day trading information. While millions are unaware that the Forex market even exists, Dr. Aizaz’s new release is poised to give this successful investment opportunity the platform and attention it deserves so that anyone can kick-start their trading career.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- While $1.9 trillion is traded each day on global Forex markets, most are still unaware of this proven and highly-lucrative investment vehicle. Larger than the bond and equity markets combined, Forex trading has the potential to help just about anyone put their money to good use for a rainy day, retirement or life-changing financial security. Nobody knows this better than Dr. Khawar Aizaz, a surgeon who first traded in 2004 and is now releasing a ground-breaking book to help anyone follow suit.

‘Forex Investing Dissected: A Guide to Successful Trading’ serves as a bold introduction to Forex investing, as well as removing the confusion surrounding the markets. Written to be understood and applied by readers from all walks of life, Dr. Aizaz’s guide is a definitive ‘Bible’ to getting started with Forex trading and building a profitable portfolio.


Forex Investing is a relatively new concept and over the last decade Forex trading has developed into the world's largest market. Forex is larger than any bond and equity market worldwide and is traded 24 hours per day for five days a week. The intended audiences for "Forex Investing Dissected - A Guide to Successful Trading" are undergraduates, graduates, professionals, traders, retirees, investors and any individual who is involved in trading stocks and bonds.

Lack of awareness has prevented the general populous any access to the Forex markets. The purpose of this book is to create awareness, define concepts, describe strategies and lay down expectations about Forex Trading for a global audience.

Dr. Aizaz foresees a tremendous potential for this book as Forex education has not been attempted before in such a practical format. New and prospective Forex traders are at a huge disadvantage as there is a scarcity of quality literature on Forex trading, the books available are limited and quite vague and focus on theories of market functions without tying it to the day to day trading information that a trader requires. Therefore, Dr. Aizaz took it upon himself to study the Forex market in details and find solutions to the problems in order to make Forex Trading accessible to the common man and make this experience rewarding and worthwhile.

“The purpose of this book is two-fold. Firstly, I want to introduce Forex trading to the 90% of the population that are unaware it even exists. Secondly, I’m trying to improve the quality of educational literature that exists on this opportunity,” says Dr. Aizaz. “Most existing books are vague and try too hard to help their readers predict conditions and trends that are too volatile to be useful. Instead, I’m giving readers iron-clad strategies that focus on day-to-day Forex trading activity; rather than big-picture thinking that is often wasted at the grassroots level.”

Continuing, “This will not only make Forex trading more appealing to those who have never heard of it, but it will keep new and confused investors in the game for the long-term. I want to grab ahold of their attention before they become too confused and leave. Believe me, Forex trading can be life changing. I’ll show anyone how.”

Containing interactive content, example trades and an abundance of helpful charts, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Forex Investing Dissected: A Guide to Successful Trading’, published by K & K Houston Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1j2XG69.

About Dr. Aizaz
Dr. Aizaz obtained his degree in medicine in 1987 and obtained his Fellowship in Surgery in 1992.He trained and worked as a surgeon in various hospitals around the globe. Currently Dr. Aizaz is involved with Allied Health Education. Dr. Aizaz introduces the intriguing world of Forex Trading to the readers through his book Forex Investing Dissected. Dr. Aizaz has been actively engaged in Forex Trading since 2004

Disclaimer: The content in this book is for educational purposes only and should not be construed in any way as trading advice. The risk of loss in online trading of stocks, Forex, options, and foreign equities is substantial.