ForexMinute Introduces High-End Exchange Rates Tool for Brokers and Traders

With ‘Exchange Rates Tool’ ForexMinute helps brokers provide exclusive access to their clients/traders trade well knowing current exchange rates.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2013 -- ForexMinute has brought in high-end ‘Exchange Rates Tool’ for brokers and their websites wherein these can be placed for sophisticated looks and operations. Moreover, as the ‘Exchange Rates Tool’ is fully customizable to traders’ website, it can be used to augment the looks or overall appearance of the website. With the tool, brokers can show what the current exchange rate is for traders.

The tool is expected to help traders do ‘Technical Analysis’ with ease and sophistication i.e. known currency rates today or foreign currency exchange rates around the world. Nevertheless, as currency exchange rates can be floating, knowing the latest rate is essential for any trader. The prices of a currency depend a lot upon various factors and these are subject to the state of global economy.

With the tool users will have exclusive access to the latest exchange rates of all major global currencies from the US, Britain, France, Japan, etc. amongst others. With the tool from ForexMinute, brokers can make the feature available for traders who with the latest updates e.g. currency exchange rate can take informed decisions.

The effectiveness of ‘Exchange Rates Tools’ by ForexMinute is validated when traders compare and analyze currencies – it is important from the point of view of trading well. Moreover, with such a tool traders will have access to the international currency exchange rates and will know how much one unit of a currency can be exchanged for another currency.

Nevertheless, as it is a part of any ‘Forex Trading,’ with such a tool online Forex brokers are definitely going to help their clients/brokers gain maximum sophistication and ease trading online. ForexMinute also provides exclusive information about the global economy and Forex market to help users have a grasp and take informed decisions.

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