Forex Profit Copier - Innovative Cloning Technology Makes Daily Pips on an Autopilot


Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- People have already witnessed  the Expert Advisers or so called Forex Robots which while giving nice performance under normal market conditions fail short when market starts to behave unexpectedly because of their mechanical behavior and lack of human reasoning required to take action under those circumstances. But as we all know for the people who are short on time to trade themselves, EAs can be of great benefit. But can we incorporate human intelligence in them so that they will not show undesired results in adverse conditions? The answer is ‘Yes’, if we take a look at newly introduced ‘Forex Profit Copier’.  It is a new cloning technology that gains 50 to 200 pips each day that too totally hands-free! Securely and steadily it adds those pips into your account on daily basis and also has ability to react to unexpected development in Market conditions. Let me explain,  it is like you are given a top performing expert forex trader to trade on your account on behalf of you!  If you are on losing spree already and not being able to give time or make profitable trades, and want to make a change, my friendly advice is, please stop whatever you are doing right now and continue reading through the end, I’m sure you will be glad that you read it!

The man behind The Forex Profit Copier is Mike Foley who is a professional trader having years of hardcore experience and consistently generates 2% daily ROI, that means doubling your money every 56 days. He maintains 78.1% win/loss ratio… He and his developer team has made every effort to make this system user-friendly and made sure that it works perfectly for you. You need not  learn a new system, or sit in front of your trade station, waiting for alerts and stop worrying about a robot destroying your account. In fact, a typical robot would blindly trade by its built-in rules even if it means blowing your cash. The Forex Profit is neither a Forex Robot, a manual system nor a signal service each one has it’s own share of drawbacks. It, in Mike Foley’s own words, is a pip sucking cloning technology which is like a professional trader working for you without any fees!

I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy the benefits listed below once you start using the Forex Profit Copier.

One can:
- Finally stop babysitting your trade station, waiting for signals to appear... or kicking yourself when you miss profitable trades because you were not in front of your computer.
- Unglued your eyes from the monitor safely... knowing a robot isn't making arbitrary trades based on rules that could be outdated any minute. Or worse, the robot is trading blindly not knowing when big economic news hits... or when market fluctuations are swinging too wildly for it to work.
- Stop worrying about making "emotional trades" and losing a lot of money. Simply let me handle that and you get to turn off the system whenever you feel like it.
- Make money on the Forex market without thinking about timeframes, currency pairs, entry signals, stop-loss ratios and take-profit strategies. Especially for newer traders, it's a lot of new information to take in, never mind actually doing it.
- Even make Forex profits with your computer off. Sounds impossible? Mike  shows  you where to get the software  and how to set it up. Just imagine all the free time you'd get.

The Forex Profit Copier is one of the best things that you can have to ensure profitable trading. This will surely make you change your trades into that which can bring more money into your bank account. With this, anyone can make use even if you have never made a single trade in your life before, even if you have tried everything else already and nothing has worked. Perhaps you have almost given up on trading systems already. But with the use of this system, you are on your way to success even if you have very little money to start.

To learn more, interested folks may visit the Official Forex Profit Copier Site

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