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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- The major complaint expressed by the users of Expert Advisers or Forex robots that are currently on the market is that getting them to work satisfactorily is extremely complicated for the average person. The time it takes to master all of the Forex robots intricate details is so long that many novices end up feeling that they would have been better of spending that time in making random trades themselves. And that is if the robots are even capable of functioning correctly in the first place.

A lot of Forex traders have inadvertently been burned by investing in one of the many doggy Forex trading products that currently proliferate the market. The scarcity of honest reviews that can assist them in making educated choices before making a purchase has greatly exacerbated an already dire situation.

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Most of these robots are actually tested using simulated conditions which are hardly reflective and responsive to the dynamic situations prevalent in the actual, real-time Forex trading markets. This is another problem that inevitably leads to many disappointments when individuals buy them and use them to make actual Forex trades with their own hard-earned money.

The Forex Sensation Championship was specifically created to address these problems by providing a forum through which the developers of Forex robots can highlight the trading capabilities of their various offerings via a Forex trading tournament. The Forex Sensation Championship offers a pragmatic solution for marketing Forex robots by organizing a real tournament where real money is actually traded. The tournament’s winner is the person that will have made the largest profit by the end of the competition.

The championship’s organizers have combined efforts with experienced Forex trade advisors and software programmers to develop one of the most responsive and innovative expert Forex automation systems out there. Their system is able to capture and analyze all the minute details that are involved in making a Forex trade.

The competitors are organized into several teams with the sole objective of creating the preeminent Forex trading robot as adjudged by a distinguished panel of their peers. The qualification process is very intensive, and the contestants must meet very strict conditions to even be accepted into the tournament initially.

The first criteria that all robots entered into the competition must meet, is that they must have prior exposure trading real foreign currency in existing markets. The organizers frown upon including robots that have only been tested in simulated environments alone, as these have often proved impractical.

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All entrants must also be committed to sustain their stay in the competition for the long haul. Forex Sensation is a long-term engagement that typically lasts 60 days due to the many conditions and features that the judges seek to test before they can come up with a definite winner.

The software code that controls the Forex robots is also thoroughly inspected prior to the tournament’s start, to ascertain that it functions correctly and check for any bugs that may cause frequent system errors or crashes in the course of the competition. Perfection in the code is also necessary because any programming flaws present in the winning robot may create uncertainty on whether the victor deserves the $100,000 that is eventually awarded for finishing in first place.

By consolidating the proven ability to trade almost perfectly in real Forex markets over the long haul, the robot that wins the championship will gain celebrity by instantly becoming a highly-demanded item that can be put to use by anyone seeking a confirmed method mint their own fortune in the Forex trade.

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For the skeptics among us, a quick look at the latest statistics of the Forex Sensation Championship will reveal that the current leader, one Oleg Zadorecki, has been able to generate a profit of $ 25,384.78 using his Forex trading robot. He has achieved this feat by rigorously adhering to a scientific approach to trade, and by successfully infusing advanced mathematical techniques into his Forex marketing approach.

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Forex Sensation was developed by Oleg Zadorecki. However the bot is sold by Forex Sensation Team and you can purchase it from the official website of forex sensation.

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