Forex Striker Review - a Review of Forex Striker to Be Launched on 30th October, 2012

Forex Striker Review explains the details of launch, features and benefits of the automated Forex trading robot called Forex Striker. Forex Striker is the end product of USA patented FX technology that is on the Forex buzz for quite some time. Bookmark 30th October, 2012 in the calendars so as to not miss this launch as it is limited in sale.


Vienna, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- On 26th September, 2012, 300 beta testers have been offered this automated Forex trading software Forex Striker as a pre-launch, for the purpose of assessing its performance in real trades. Positive feedback and proven testimonials received from the beta-testers on the performance of Forex Striker paved way for the official launch to the public on 30th October, 2012. The pre-launch is started from 25th October, 2012 for the general public.

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Introduction to Forex Striker

Forex Striker is the newly created Forex EA robot that performs in real trade on live accounts using real money in Forex trading markets.

Forex Striker is the only U.S.A. Patented FX technology solution that is more artificially intelligent than any other Forex trading software out there.

Automated Forex trading robots were in existence for several years now. But the real successful Forex trading EA robot that is known to exist in the Forex trading markets is FAP Turbo. FAPTurbo has been sold over 80,000 copies as of now.

Who Developed Forex Striker

The developers of FAP Turbo, the most sold automated Forex trading software, have put hard work of 7 years, in shelling out this more powerful, more intelligent (AI) and real performing Forex robot called Forex Striker.

They are engineers in diversified fields of science ranging from D.N.A. Research, Telemetric, Aeronautics, Multi-Thread Processing etc., Most importantly, they have a passion for trading in Forex markets.

The most prominent of the Forex Striker developers are Stefan, Mike and Oleh.

Forex Striker Review

Forex Striker has several features that make it unique and most sophisticated automated Forex trading robot invented ever.

USA Patented FX Technology

Forex Striker unlike other similar Forex trading EA software robots is invented based on an FX technology that has been USA patented for protection from illegal copying of the system by other greedy developers.

This ensures quality of the software and one can be free from fears that the effectiveness of Forex Striker is not made detrimental to its investors.

Real Time Profitable Performance

Many people think that Forex trading EA robots perform well only in demo accounts of Forex markets.  But, Forex Striker is unlike other such Forex trading EA robots. It performs very well in real time, real money, live accounts in Forex trading markets.

It is not said just for the sake of selling or pre-selling Forex Striker. But, it is backed by a solid and strict proof from 300 real traders that are beta testing Forex Striker on live Forex markets since 26th September, 2012.

Guaranteed Returns of Investment

Forex Striker has huge potential for profit making in Forex markets trading. The developers have produced proof that the investments make in Forex Business using Forex Striker has return of investments (ROI) as high as 9214% in an year. A newbie beta tester made a turnover of $46,000 in an year over an investment of $500. This is a whopping high returns on investment in any standards of Forex trading markets. The official website:

Forex Striker Price

Forex Striker is an automated Forex trading robot software that has been priced at $147 for the regular version as a one-time investment. The professional version of Forex Striker Pro that has more powerful and good features than the regular version is priced at $299. When the price is looked into as such it seems that it has been overpriced. But, with the returns and profits produced by using Forex Striker, it is clear that the investment to procure it, is so small and cheap comparing its quality and performance.
Money Back Guarantee

Forex Striker though many feel as overpriced is actually very cheap because of its unique features and tools. It is backed by no hassle, no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee. 60 days is more than a sufficient period for testing Forex Striker using a live Forex trading account with a reputed Forex trading broker. The developers are so confident on their assurance of ROI using Forex Striker that they have given such huge time for testing the automated Forex trading EA robot. If the profits or returns as promised, by the developers of Forex Striker are not achieved within this 60 days period then this money back guarantee ensures the safe return of investment made for the purchase of Forex Striker.

Limitation to Download Forex Striker

In order to avoid overuse of Forex Striker the quantity of sale of the software is limited to 200 for both the regular and professional versions of Forex Striker.

Forex Striker Review Conclusion:

The USA patented FX technology backed automated Forex trading robot has unique set of tools and features that were not present in any such similar Forex trading EA robots. The assurance of high returns in real Forex market trades using Forex Striker (as high as 9214% ROI) alone makes this software categorize in the most wanted wish list. A simple one-time investment of $147 for regular version and $299 for Forex Striker pro with lifetime updates means a lifetime returns on investment. 100%, hassle-free, no questions asked, solid 60 days money back guarantee protects the purchase investment in case this does not work.

This Forex Striker review is made without any bias and to inform the official launch of Forex Striker on 30th October, 2012 as this automated Forex trading robot software is limited for sale, restricting it to only 200 copies.

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