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Forex Trading Leaders Pepperstone Launch Social Media Assault, Connect With Investors Globally


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2012 -- For anyone with an active interest in Forex trading, the name Pepperstone will come as no surprise. An innovator in the field, the Melbourne-based company is well known for providing a service utilising the popular MetaTrader 4 platform which is both simple and full-featured enough to please the novice trader and Forex veteran alike.

Providing unparalleled access to a variety of highly-qualified destinations for liquidity within the action-packed Forex market, Pepperstone has always maintained the added advantage of saving investors everywhere the hassle of working with a deal desk. By removing as many barriers to trade as possible, the team behind Pepperstone have consistently delivered on their mission: to provide superior access to Forex trading for investors of all shapes and sizes.

As part of this dedication to empowering investors everywhere with the ability to diversify into foreign exchange trading, Pepperstone has recently taken the next step in the marriage between the retail investment market and Forex; that of social media. With towards three-thousand followers of their twitter account and an increasingly active Facebook profile, Pepperstone will not rest until they’ve managed to engage investors on all fronts. From the high level of interest amongst the trading community, it seems like this is a war that Pepperstone is destined to win.

The benefit for the team at Pepperstone and their growing client base is twofold; the company has created a direct link by which they can be exposed to the trending concerns of traders and potential traders all in real time. As issues draw the attention of retail investors everywhere, Pepperstone now has the power to address and analyse popular market happenings as they occur. Secondly, social media is proving the standout method by which the minds behind Pepperstone can provide updates on market movements and newsworthy happenings, allowing faster communication to a wide and diverse client base than ever before. It will be no surprise then that Pepperstone clients are amongst some of the most satisfied within the market, constantly up to date on the latest trends and movements, something which is vital in the ever-changing world of Forex.

It’s great to see an investment services firm put quality communication at the top of their list of priorities, and with these new social media innovations it’s easy to see that Pepperstone is achieving this in spades. As investors everywhere search the market for a trading partner they can trust, it’s no secret that more and more heads are turning toward the experts at Pepperstone.

About Pepperstone
Pepperstone is an Australian-based online financial services provider which specialises in delivering retail investors everywhere high-quality access to foreign exchange trading. Utilising an extremely potent application of the popular platform MetaTrader 4, the company has a demonstrated annual customer growth rate of 20%. With a reputation for success and a long history within the Forex trading industry, more people every day are choosing to diversify their portfolio via Forex investments through Pepperstone. For more information, visit http://www.pepperstone.com