Forex Trading Signals Provider Scams Exposed by Tradebidz


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Being a leading Foreign exchange information and reviews website in Australia, Tradebidz reveals the latest Forex trading signals provider scams to protect people from financial loss. The website provides more information regarding Binary Matrix Pro and German Binary Robot reporting that both of these systems are scams.

The knowledge of some Forex trading strategies that could be applied in Forex market is not enough to protect traders from scams, neither can guarantee their success. Since Forex is the largest and the most dynamic financial market on the world, people who would like to earn big money have to know a lot of different tactics, approaches and tips on how to stay protected from scams and fully benefit of this market.

Tradebidz is a place, where visitors will get knowledge on various Forex related strategies and issues they might come across, such as the best pair to trade with, the right time for placing a trade, etc. Along with these valuable advices, the site provides customers with warning about Forex trading signals provider scams that should be avoided. One of these fake providers is Binary Matrix Pro that has recently come out.

Tradebidz reveals that although on first glance it looks like a good and reliable website, this doesn’t prove that it is not one of the multiple binary options “get rich” schemes that have deceived a lot of people so far. The traders, who have tested these kinds of software and are scammed, wrote emails to the WatchDog to spread the news quickly. In just a week, 10 traders have reported that the Binary Matrix Pro system is a scam. After a check being made, Tradebidz revealed a fake performance of the that advertises performance results from 2013, while the shows that this site exists for less than a month.

Australia’s leading Foreign exchange reviews and information website warns customers to not believe the BinaryMatrixPro promos that are spread online through email advertising campaigns, forums, Facebook groups, etc. as they try to scam the internet to drive more traffic to their website, while they have created their site only a few weeks ago. The clear fact shows that this system did not exist before February, 2014, which is enough to prove that BinaryMatrixPro is scam.

Unfortunately, the same applies to the so-called German Binary Robot, which actually has nothing common with Germany. The site advises Forex traders to stay away from both of these programs to save their investment and use them wisely in successful Forex trading strategies and proven Forex trading programs.

People, who would like to learn more about all existing Forex trading signals provider scams and how to protect themselves, can visit to find out more.

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Tradebidz is an Australia based information and review site on Forex exchange that has been voted "Best Online Forex Trading Education Website of the Month" in Australia on March, 2014. The site provides enough information to teach the beginners and help them become professional and successful Forex traders. The company was found in the end of in 2012 by an experienced trader, called Mr. J Paradza.