Joe Bragg Decides Whether Investors Or Brokers Are Guilty When Investors Lose Money


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- Currency trading has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Today, people around the world trade currencies over foreign exchange markets in order to generate a healthy investment income. However, in order to trade currencies, traders must use a Forex broker.

Forex brokers come in all shapes and sizes, and there are hundreds of different brokers on the internet. wants to help navigate the myriad of choices traders face. The website compares and reviews the top Forex brokers on the market. From to, seeks to provide honest, unbiased reviews of the world’s best Forex brokers compared to one another.

Even the best Forex brokers face criticism from time to time. One criticism that has bothered Forex brokers for years is whether or not they should be considered guilty when investors lose money from trading within their own Forex account. Some inexperienced investors lose money when trading on the foreign exchange markets, this can leave people feeling angry and confused.

Unfortunately for those people, Forex brokers are not responsible for any losses incurred through trading activity. A spokesman for explained the reasoning behind this:

“Almost all investment firms force users to sign a waiver regarding the liability of losses. Unless these losses result from misinformation on the broker website, or from being deliberately misguided by the Forex broker, traders are solely responsible for all losses.”

Ultimately, wants Forex traders to know that the brokerage firm is rarely guilty when investors lose money. Instead, it’s up to investors to research the trade and predict future currency valuations on their own. While Forex brokers can help provide insight into trades and conduct valuation assessments, they rarely tell investors which specific currencies to invest in.

In addition to detailed broker reviews also provides a plethora of editorial content to assist consumers involved in Forex. These guides include topics such as risk management, NFA regulations and insights in to trading software.

A spokesperson for the site commented:

“We want to provide objective detailed reviews on brokers so consumers can make informed choices. In addition to that we want to provide useful guidance on a number of Forex related topics. There is far too much hype in the Forex market and we want to bring some reliable, impartial insights.”

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