ForexFalcon's Automatic Mode Makes Forex Trading Simple


Tholey, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Forex trading is a lucrative market for experts, but it can be confusing for beginners and even seasoned traders. To make the transition to Forex easier for novice traders, a new software program, ForexFalcon, takes all the guesswork out of currency trading with its unique fully automatic mode. Traders can use ForexFalcon as their training wheels to learn the ropes of the Forex world with the confidence of the program’s proven track record of big gains at low risk.

Designed by FX Solutions and used by traders all over the world to profit from the Forex currency trade, ForexFalcon’s fully automatic mode allows even inexperienced traders to set it and forget it. The program’s automatic mode promises steady returns for traders with minimal risk to their capital.

“With ForexFalcon’s automatic setting, traders can gain a 7 percent return each month, which would equal a 125 percent return over a year while taking only a moderate risk,” FX Solutions Business Manager Mike Semlitsch says. “We designed the program with inexperienced traders in mind so the interface is easy to use and understand. Also, the best way for us to show the effectiveness of ForexFalcon is to show verified live trading results. That’s exactly what we do at our website,”

To demonstrate his confidence in the trading program, Semlitsch publishes the quarterly profits for ForexFalcon accounts. These reports show the number of trades closed, the risk level of those trades using the Martingale scale, and the money earned over the quarter. Most trades that ForexFalcon makes in its automatic setting are at low levels of risk. But unlike most automated trading systems, ForexFalcon doesn’t depend on a broker’s speed or the latest economic news.

About ForexFalcon
Because of ForexFalcon’s proven track record, FX Solutions offers a money-back guarantee. If ForexFalcon doesn’t earn profit for a trader in the first month when using the recommended settings, FX Solutions will refund the program’s purchase price.

To take advantage of ForexFalcon’s proven method to achieve good results with comfortable risk while still working a day job, traders just need to download the program at, configure it once, and the software does the hard work. Purchasing ForexFalcon also gives traders access to an online forum to talk with experienced Forex traders and learn new trading techniques.


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