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Forged Components, Inc. Presents Blog Series Looking at Wellhead Components

FCI presents multi-part blog series describing the components of a wellhead for an oil or gas well and what they do.


Humble, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2017 -- FCI is one of the top wellhead component suppliers in the country, but what are the components of a wellhead and what do they do? This series of blog posts will explain these components and how they work within the wellhead itself.

The wellhead is the part of an oil or gas well that is above ground. It is the interface between the equipment in the hole and the production control equipment on the surface. It helps provide the structure and pressure and serves as the suspension point for the casing strings within the wellbore as well as maintains the pressure within them.

Casing Strings – These are pipes that run through a particular drilling zone and serve to protect the area outside of the pipe, such as a fresh water zone, from contamination. They serve to seal the outside areas from the wellbore in order to prevent cave-ins, manage areas with different pressures, and seal high pressure zones from the surface.

Wellhead Casing or Casing Head - Are the lowest part of the wellhead assembly where the casing string can be set and sealed. It also seals off the inside of the casing from the external environment.

Blowout Preventer – This component maintains the surface pressure during the drilling process. Because drilling often causes extreme changes in pressure within a well reservoir, blowout preventers are designed to regulate the pressure within the wellbore and, in some cases, kill or seal the well to prevent a catastrophic "blow-out." Blowouts may eject tubing, equipment, etc. explosively out of the hole cause tremendous damage and casualties.

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